US based BBC Sounds access on SONOS

  • 20 June 2022
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Located in US.  BBC Sounds is not in my list to add a service.  Yet all recent support says it should be.


I would love to llsten to BBC,,,


Any ideas?

5 replies

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At present, BBC Sounds is available on the Sonos controller app within the UK only.

This is a BBC Sounds restriction, not Sonos.

think the native BBC Sounds app is available worldwide, and so if you have an Apple device and an Airplay-compatible Sonos speaker (or a Move or a Roam for Bluetooth) you could listen that way.

@Mr. T is nevertheless completely correct the the limitation on Sonos is BBC-imposed.  The BBC seems to get very twitchy about losing control of distribution to third parties, particularly where listening information is concerned.


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Outside of the UK BBC radio should be available on TuneIn though.

Any ideas?

It’s been available as a plugin on LMS for several years, without needing to be in the UK. Your Sonos speakers can be renderers on LMS via the UPnP/DLNA Bridge plugin.



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If you switch your Sonos account to UK you can then add BBC Sounds. However to login to BBC Sounds you need a BBC account, and that might be a challenge to create from the US. I don’t know, as I created my BBC account while visiting the UK. Try it and let us know.

Once setup, BBC Sounds works fine in the USA (ie no geo-fencing).