Unable to stream Apple, Tunein or SiriusXM since I installed Orbi network

  • 19 February 2019
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I replaced my netgear router with an Orbi mesh network. I had a heckuva time getting the speakers installed on it. First I followed the directions to put one on ethernet. They all showed up but I couldn't play music.

So, I reset each one of them individually and they are all on the network and it looks good, but I either get "unable to add songs to queue" (Apple Music) or "unable to browse music" (SiriusXM).

I have rebooted the router, rebooted the satellite, and as I just said, factory reset each speaker and started from scratch. I've rebooted my phone , closed the app, opened the app, and the problem persists. All of the other devices connected to the Orbi network have access to the internet without a problem.

PLEASE HELP! I have three playbars and four Play1 devices and a lot of money invested to not be able to play music everywhere in the house!

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At this point, contact support.
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6 replies

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What happens if you leave a Play:1 wired into the Orbi?

May want to give Sonos Support a call.
Hi, i saw a post from a while ago, 7 months ago, about this and a SONOS rep. Jeff S replied. Maybe this can help you.
"Welcome to the community. It looks like your Sonos units are losing connection to your Orbi system from time to time. This could be due to a couple factors. I see that there is some wireless interference from nearby networks running on the same channel as your Orbi network. This can make it hard for your speakers to stay connected and can lead to issues like you've described. Please start by changing your Orbi system's wireless channel to 1. Also, if the system is set to automatically switch wireless channels, it could lead to connectivity issues for the Sonos units when the system changes channels. It's best to set the Orbi up so that it is on a static channel rather than automatically switching."

Can you let me know if this works? I am looking at getting an Orbi as well but i want to make sure i can set it up without constant disconnects.
Thanks to you both. @Zanghi, I forgot to add that I had done that. I saw that post too. After I did that it at least allowed me to get them connected.

@Misfit, I would love to do that but none of my devices are near an open Ethernet port. I did actually I book several of the devices and ring them close to the router to ensure they got connected.

I'm at my wits end y'all!!!
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At this point, contact support.
Thank you both for the help.

I read an article this morning about the Orbi network, and it has an installed firewall. The more I read the more I learned and there were two solutions:

1. Unblock the specific ports used by Sonos (The port list is available online) -OR-

2. Use the router as an access point. Since I have an AT&T modem, I simply set the router to Access Point mode and all problems solved.
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Or you may be able to wire just one speaker into the Orbi. Getting your system into Sonosnet may resolve the issue.