Unable to play... Connection to spotify was lost

  • 5 November 2017
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Hi Sonos team,

I'm having the same issue with Spotify ("connection lost" right after turning Sonos on this morning, then every attempt to play other tracks from Spotify fails with this message). This happens when starting playback via the Sonos app as well as via Spotify Connect over their app, in Sonos App on iphone 8 or Desktop App on Mac Book 12''.

I'm using several other music services (Soundcloud, Amazon, Apple Music) on Sonos and never experienced a single dropout or failure. However, Spotify keeps cutting out with this error every time I check, rendering the service unusable. We have a Speedport W724W Router, if that helps ...

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11 replies

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Hey there, Rawlex. Seems that the problem was solved for UKMedia. Are you still experiencing this lost connection error with Spotify? If so, submit a diagnostic report right after the error comes up and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end.

Hi I have this same issue, have submitted a diagnostic : 8267050.

I had this same problem before, which was fixed with a custom patch, but that's obviously not made it into your updates...

I'm using Virgin Media router bridged.

Please can this get fixed again.


I have the same issue. Very annoying.
I submited diagnostics: 8507606

Thanks for All your help
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Hey there, Thnight. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! Based on the diagnostic report you submitted, it seems the Kitchen player is having a hard time maintaining a solid connection to the router. It also seems that the player is connected to a TP-Link device but the IP addresses are being handed out from a "Routerboard.com" device. Are you familiar with these network devices? Do you know fo any extenders or access points at your location?

Thanks for your reply. The TP-Link device is just used for WIFI, I'm not using it as a router. The other device is my home router. It's strange that the speaker has issues maintaining a solid WIFI connection. It's 8 meters from the router.

For now, the problem has disappeared. Any suggestions how to avoid it in the future?
It's feasible that the issue isn't the strength of the wifi signal, but instead a duplicate IP address causing the speaker to bounce on and off the signal. Set up reserved IP addresses for all of your devices on your router. That would fix any future potential IP reservation problems, without any impact on wifi signal strength.
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Hello Thnight, do you have DHCP enabled on multiple network devices? It looks like your Sonos system may be receiving configuration information from multiple sources on your network. If you do have multiple DHCP servers running, disabling one of them would also be a good way to prevent this sort of issue.
I am having similar connection issues with Spotify. Diagnostic code: 498260384 - any advice Sonos? I also sometimes see issues about connection speed / buffers. But there's no other network traffic, and the router can handle 4K netflix easily (Asus Ac-58). Thanks
Same problem but I also cannot connect to the radio via TuneIn. Everything will play for the first 10 seconds or so. This started a couple weeks ago and I'm finally frustrated enough to look for others experiencing the same problems. After upgrading to 8.+, nothing will stay connected for very long except for the TVs. Diagnostic: 1397896320
I’m having the same issue as other users: have had Sonos with Spotify for many years. Flawless.

Abiut two weeks ago, I started getting an error message that doesn’t let me play Spotify. It comes and goes. Attributed to connection issues.

Is this the way to get support?

Your confirmation number is: 1907264924