unable to play anything, Tunein, Spotify, etc.

  • 14 July 2019
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We have 4 Sonos Play 1s which used to work great, but when we switched our router to Orbi we haven't been able to listen to anything consistently. Sometimes I can get a song to start from TuneIn or Spotify, but it will stop unexpectedly. Most of the time it says "unable to add songs to queue" or "unable to listen to radio station", etc. I've rebooted everything and am getting very frustrated. My diagnostic number is 1624677950.

4 replies

First of all after any router change you must reboot/reconnect everything on the network, to ensure all IP information is refreshed.

If despite this you still have problems try wiring one Sonos unit to the network. It could be to one of the satellite Orbi units if the primary is hard to reach. A Sonos system in WiFi ("wireless") mode doesn't always play nicely with meshed WiFi systems. Wiring one unit will put the Sonos into SonosNet ("wired") mode, using its own proprietary wireless.
Do you mean to keep it wired permanently? We wired one to get the system working again, but went back to wifi when they were all working again. All 4 speakers appear on my sonos app and I was able to get them set up to do the surround sound thing, but music won't play consistently. Do we need to keep one of the speakers wired to our router?
Well, as I say, Sonos doesn't always get along with meshed WiFi systems when it's operating in WiFi/"wireless" mode. In part this is because such WiFis often use different channels for the various access points, which can compromise Sonos performance.

If your Sonos worked fine with one device wired, but not without, then I suggest you keep a device wired.
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I looked at using the Standard Mode (home WiFi) for my Sonos but after looking at all the restrictions Sonos places on the WiFi system I decided that Boost Mode (one or more wired) was a much cleaner solution and didn't impose on my WiFi options and flexibility.

If you can't easily wire one or more of your Sonos units add a Play 1 or other device where it can be wired or add a Boost.