Unable to find songs/albums from Amazon Music Unlimited in the Sonos Controller

  • 12 September 2018
  • 30 replies

the title should say 'certain songs/albums' but can't edit it now

We recently upgraded to Amazons subscription service, Music Unlimited.

However when searching for albums using the Sonos controller (windows 10), it simply doesn't find some albums that are searchable on the Amazon website.

Just to clarify - yes I've checked the album is available for streaming via Music Unlimited (as opposed to being an mp3 purchase which they also offer) on the amazon website, and yes I'm searching Amazon Music Unlimited in the search bar.

Any ideas?

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30 replies

Given that it's in the thread title, I too feel a little silly, but not enough to cast the "stupid" label.
@Ken, The Smiley is so cute.
Artists tab was selected. I had selected other tabs and gone back to Artists a few times to be certain.
Did you try this?
I am in the UK and have a 3 month trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. I can sign onto the Iphone app or onto the WEB Amazon music unlimited and see all music . However when I try and attach the service to Sonos I just get the basic Amazon music and not the unlimited. I can see others have this issue but haven't really found a thread that explains it.