Unable to connect to Spotify

  • 24 January 2021
  • 7 replies

Please help, I have been struggling to get my Sonos system to connect with Spotify. Deezer and Apple Music play perfectly, but I keep getting a message “unable to play the connection to Spotify was lost”. I have reset my entire system several times, deleted and reinstalled the app, reset my WLAN etc. All my speakers are connected via WiFi and not hard wired. I am not using a bridge.


Diagnostic ref: 1671880851


Any assistance would be great thanks. 

7 replies

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Have you added Spotify as a music service in the Sonos app?

Yes, and I have removed it and re added and re authorized it several time. 


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Do you have the same problem if you play music to your Sonos speakers through the Spotify app?

Yes same problem, if I airplay to the speaker it works, but not through the network. 

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How long have you had this problem? It could just be a temporary issue with Spotify.

Are you able to connect one of your speakers (not the Sub or any speakers used as surrounds) to your router or network with an ethernet cable?

I have been having the problem for a few months, and can’t see any posts saying there is a Spotify issue. 

I can get on plugged into my network switch with an Ethernet cable. Let me try this out and see what happens. 

same issue since november