Unable to connect to Sonos in Spotify app.

  • 30 November 2017
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Ive been streaming music using Spotify app (premium) for a while and was working great up untill a few days ago .Spotify shows my Sonos as being available for connection , but when selected it will no longer connect .i am now only able to use my Spotify account if i access it through the Sonos app .Any known fix for this would be greatfull .Ive contacted both Spotify and Sonos for Support been no help , tried everything they've suggested but still will no longer connect ......Help.

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45 replies

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Hello there, lrmatthews. We recently have been tracking an issue some users have been reporting about Spotify playback. Can you tell us about any error messages you get when trying to play music from Spotify? I was unable to find a support ticket from our phone technicians under your email address on file. Did you happen to give them a different email address? If so, please send me a PM with the email address you used so I can take a look at what you've done so far.

Thanks in advance!
I'm struggling with the same issue, in the last couple of days my girlfriend and I have had difficulty connecting to either of our Sonos 1 devices via the Spotify app. They both show as available but we are unable to connect. No error messages, just no action when selecting either device.
I have the same problem! My office has a Play 3 and since we updated the Sonos app and reconnected to the wifi we have not been able to connect to Spotify. It shows up under our devices but when we click it nothing happens (goes for mobile and desktop). I have submitted a claim and have not heard a response yet but when I do I will fill you in and hopefully this issue can get resolved
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No Error messages appear .Sonos device shows as available within Spotify app but when selected it just reverts back to playing on mobile device.Ive reauthorized Spotify within the Sonos app as suggested , also tried removing it and re adding .
No Error messages appear .Sonos device shows as available within Spotify app but when selected it just reverts back to playing on mobile device.Ive reauthorized Spotify within the Sonos app as suggested , also tried removing it and re adding . I too have tried reauthorising and removing/reinstalling to no avail.
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Thanks everyone for your troubleshooting efforts. According to the technicians working on the outage, it's been resolved. Are you still having problems with Spotify Direct Connect?
I continue to have the same problem
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Not been resolved . Still same problem , will not connect when using Spotify .
Same problem here, the issue is not resolved!
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Come on Sonos team , sort this issue out .Surely this must be an easy fix ! .the whole point of buying these expensive speakers is to be able to stream music ! . If you can't do that then whats the point . really not happy about this .
I have the exact same problem. I first happend yesterday. I have tried to uninstall both app without any progress.
Hello yes having only recently bought the Sonos play 5 last Monday to be precise I have also been frustrated by the spotify issue the speaker is clearly there on the available devices on the spotify app just won't connect it's the whole reason I bought the speaker so the upgrade to spotify premium was justified I'm having seconds thoughts already such a shame ?
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Strangely it works ok when using alexa to start Spotify on sonos
I'm experiencing the same issue, so spoke with Sonos a few minutes ago and was told that this is a known problem that started within the past few days and Spotify are working on it as a priority. No timelines given but you would assume that streaming from Spotify to Sonos equipment is pretty common they'd place some urgency on a fix.
Same here unable to connect to my Spotify premium account from phone or laptop, this started yesterday. removed Spotify and Sonos apps from the phone, reinstalled but now won't authorise Spotify account. Not best pleased, i was going to buy a Play 5 but must admit this has put me off
I am having the same problem after the update on Dec. 1
Sonos staff member, is there any idea what is going on with this? I am having the same issue as everyone else here. Speaker show as available but unable to connect. No error messages, just no action when selecting. This is after the app update on Dec 1 on a Samsung S8+. Thanks
I have the same problem and will be returning all of my recently purchased Sonos speakers for a full refund next week if Sonos doesn't fix the issue.
I managed to setup and connect with my Apple phone (and stream via Spotify) but my wife's Andrioid phone doesn't play via Spotify. Same issue as the others where you select the Group and nothing happens. There is no option '...' like on my phone.

Very disappointed.
I'm still having the same issue so it obviously has not been fixed. Uninstalled and re-installed the app. Unplugged the speakers and re-booted them. Made sure it's all on the same network and that all apps were up to date. The funny thing is the windows 10 PC works fine. Oh and the apps are android. Many thanks from
I have the same issues here, playing from sonos works well, but connecting from spotify isn't working.
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New play 5... can’t connect to Spotify... very frustrating. Helplines are weekdays only? Go figure...:(
Hi, same problem on spotify app with updated to Dec 1. 😞
My devices is an Android with OxygenOS 7
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Having same problem on Android. Worked until latest Spotify update within last 24 hrs. Other people can connect from their earlier 8.4.28 version of spotify to my sonos. I'm on 8.4.30 and doesn't work.
I have the exact same problem. Extremely frustrating.