TuneIn Station Radio New York Live no longer working

  • 19 October 2016
  • 6 replies

I used to stream Radio New York Live regularly but recently Sonos fails to connect via TuneIn.
I can stream directly from their website, so I'm guessing it's not geoblocking. Any idea how I can add this station to my Sonos App so I can stream to the sonos speakers?
I have tried all three URLs from their site (aac, hd and uhd) but these all show an encoding error when I add them as a station in the Sonos app.


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6 replies

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Wouldn't play for me neither in TuneIn via Sonos nor in the web version of TuneIn.
It might be geo-blocking, if your Sonos account is registered in a different location than your browser is reporting.
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Hi, it looks like the streaming links that TuneIn was using for Radio New York Live are no longer valid. Trying to play the station's stream from TuneIn's website is also not working. Although the station's website appears to still stream, it does so using a Flash-based player that will not work on Sonos.

Sonos Players can play any MP3, WMA, AAC or M3u based stream, even if it isn’t added to TuneIn. If you are able to get a hold of an alternate streaming URL for that station, you can always add it to your Sonos system by following these steps. That page also has some more information about what streams can be added to Sonos.

As Stuart said, it doesn’t look like that station is streaming on TuneIn as well, so we’ll reach out to them on our end and see if they’ll be able to update to a different streaming URL.

Let us know if you find a different stream.
Same problem 😞 I miss Radio New York Live...

Please Sonos, why isn't it possible to add flash-based streams?
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The only reason they would have changed to Flash is because it forces listeners to go to their website and watch ads.
Any update on this? Really liked the Station. 😞