tunein Radio Station unaivailable in Sonos Controller but availbale at tunein

Good Morning,

I am looking for a specific local Radio Station in Cologne, Germany that is available at tunein web based at tunein.com/radio/Radio-K%C3%B6ln-1071-s16252/
but can not be found via the sonos controller.

If I select Cologne as my local city it shows all the neighbouring radio stations that belong to the same company so its not a copyright act or anything, also the radio station itself features tunein on their website.
So I suppose its any weird combination that the local writing of Cologne has the German character "ö" in it, meaning the name is "Radio Köln 107.1" -> No chance for any result in the sonos controller.

has anybody an idea how to fix that or what to search for? The tunein station code is not recognized by the sonos controller either so now I am really out of ideas...


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That station doesn't appear to be accessible via TuneIn's web API. When I plug station ID "s16252" into a request it returns an error status code.

I think your best option would be to report the issue to TuneIn.
Will report to tunein and keep you posted wether its really an API issue or maybe on purpose or other reasons


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