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If I subscribe to Tune In "Premium" can I access my account or will I be restricted to the free version in the app?

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Hi. Neither, as Sonos doesn't use any form of the TuneIn app. TuneIn just serves up the streaming URLs for Sonos to access directly.
So can Sonos access the "Premium" URL then?
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Unfortunately, since there is no way to provide your TuneIn account information, there's no way to access TuneIn premium stations and streams from your Sonos system. This is a request that has been asked for since TuneIn introduced the Premium level of service (I know, I created one of the first topics about it - link).

To be fair to Sonos, the implementation of this would require work on both TuneIn's and Sonos' ends, so it's not likely that this would be a small and easy feature to add.

Plus, TuneIn would need to make sure that their content licenses include the ability to listen through connected speakers at home... though given their support of Google Cast, I would think that there isn't an issue with that... though some TuneIn Premium partners - like the sports leagues, for example - might not like that.
Thanks for the clarification..
Which means no baseball or football until Sonos releases that (or any of the other excellent content that Tunein puts behind the paywall).

I solved it by connecting my Mac to my Play:5 with a headphone cable, so I just use the Tunein Web interface. It would be nice to have Sonos release this soon.

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