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  • 21 December 2017
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Hi there,

I'm not a noob (owner for 10+ years) and am very pro-Sonos however I have a gripe and a feature request:

Sonos does not show the radio show and current track playing via Tune-In as say a DAB radio does - why not?

I listen to Radio 6 Music and want to be able to look at my Desktop or Mobile controllers and know what the current track playing is and not go to the 6 Music web site and look at the playlist there.

Research I've done
I've checked in with both Tune-in and the BBC and both provide the metadata to make this happen.

Sonos please hook into the APIs provided by Tune-In, BBC (& other radio channels).
This is a basic feature that any DAB radio can serve up and you already provide this via my own music library and Deezer, SoundCloud (& I assume, most other music services you integrate with?).

Finally I suggested this fix/improvement 4 years ago and disappointingly I'm still awaiting.

Go on Sonos, improve the user experience by making it easier for people who've invested in Sonos to discover great new music in a less clunky way. Currently Tune-In integration is sub-standard compared to the rest of the Sonos experience.

Many thanks,

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When it comes to content that they are not producing themselves, TuneIn is strictly an aggregator or directory of internet radio streams. They have nothing to do with what other providers play, how their data is presented, or anything of the sort.

Displaying of song info is dependent on the actual content provider - the BBC in your case - providing info about the currently playing content over the stream. Most streaming protocols have provisions that allow a content provider to embed metadata about what is playing - title, artist, album, etc. - into the stream. But if the provider doesn't provide that info, then Sonos can't show it.

Of course, the BBC website will show that data, but that's because they have a player with scripts that can read data from a separate external source, then display that data in their player. That's not possible with Sonos.