True play issue

  • 21 June 2019
  • 2 replies

I have a playbar and use two play 1’s as rear speakers. When trying to set up with true play the beeping sound comes from all speakers nice and loud and when sitting to do the first step and sound balance it works fine. When I go to the next step of walking around the room and waving my phone I get to about halfway through and everything stops telling me a speaker is lost. I am waving exactly as the video shows and I can hear the sound coming out of all the speakers. I have used true play to set up other speakers in the bedroom and living room with no problems. After twenty tries at this and the same issue arising I am hoping someone at Sonos can help. Thanks.

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2 replies

If you want someone from Sonos to help, you might run a diagnostic within 10 minutes of that failure, and either post the number here, or even better, call Sonos support.

You may also want to check your iOS device, there have been issues in the past, both with a case causing an issue, as well as another instance where the mic ‘hole’ had been blocked.
Thanks for your suggestions but after reading about the same problem occurring with other users in this forum who have reported the diagnostics to Sonos and the problem not being resolved, I have no faith with that solution. My IOS device is obviously not to blame because as stated in my OP, true play setup works in other single speaker rooms. As for calling Sonos support, nearly 30 minutes on hold led me to believe there would be no help coming down that path so I hung up. This is the second major problem I have had with Sonos products and they are the same problems reported by other forum users and to date neither has been fixed and doesn’t look like being fixed in the near future.