TRNTBL Quick Review

I wanted one of these turntables when first announced by my enthusiasm waned when they handled their delays poorly. Then on Xmas am Santa Wife put one under the tree.

The good- If you like the look of SONOS you will love this. I got the white one and the look and finish is amazing.
The OK-Software setup is still in beta so not flawless but did work. Once you use their software to connect to the wifi network, you only use the SONOS app from there on. When you set the needle on the record it takes a second or two for sound to come out so it's weird to use a turntable with a delay. Pretty sure I will get use to that but now it's annoying.
The Bad. The motor is not totally quiet. Not loud but you can hear it when you are close to the turntable. No way to adjust the speed as the belt stretches as it gets older. No light on the turntable. No 45rpm spindle. And there is no reason they couldn't have added phono outputs. As well the sound from the turntable is much lower than other inputs so when you turn on the TV the sound is crazy loud. And as near as I can tell, there is no way to adjust the input.

That said, it's a good turntable in a great package. I blame a lot of this on SONOS though. There is no reason they can't have an aux only input for $99 that allows me to connect any turntable instead of the connect that is very over priced.

Would I buy the TRNTBL again? Probably not but I wouldn't turn it down for free.

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Hi, troy_7. Thanks for your post. We appreciate all the feedback we receive regarding our products, the good and the bad. We will definitely forward this to our product team as I feel it is important that they hear this feedback straight from our users. Please let me know if you have any further thoughts for consideration. It would be great to hear back from you when you've had some more time with the device. Thanks in advance.
First and foremost make the levels adjustable. Then add phono outputs. No reason it can’t be used on multiple systems.
I just received the TRNTBL that I preordered almost 2 years ago. I am having a lot of trouble with the setup. Mind if I ask you a few questions? (Since I can’t get ahold of anyone at their company for customer support). I initially had tremendous problems with the app connecting to the unit and then getting it onto my Wi-Fi network, but I was eventually able to do both of these steps. However, I can’t seem to login to my Vnyl account and it won’t let me connect to SONOS without logging in. I verified on the web that my email and password are correct and then I even clicked “forgot password” on the TRNTBL app which redirected my to the website to change my password, but I am still getting the error message, “email or password is incorrect.” Did you encounter this? Any ideas on how to address it?

And I agree with your assessment that it is a beautiful unit. I hope it sounds as good as it looks.
Weirdly I got customer service they the Vynl instagram page. I sent them a dm. They ignored all the other. A small company that bit off more than they could chew.
Btw not sure you needs vynl account. Seems lame anyway. I couldn’t get my app to connect until I hit connect and actually layed my phone on the TRNTBL. Not near it but on it. No idea why but took me hours to get to that point but has worked ever since.
It is very frustrating. If there was a way to bypass the vnyl login, I would, but it won’t let me skip it and it won’t accept my login. Jacqueline from the company did eventually reply to my emails but admitted that she hadn’t seen this before.
Borrow someone else's phone and try it? Sorry, no idea.
Thanks. Already tried that. Will keep hounding them until i get some answers.
Start posting on Vynl’s Facebook and IG page. They follow that closely
Thanks! Will do.
I finally got this to work after a month of going back and forth with Jacqueline at VNYL. Still not even 100% sure how I did it. Sound volume needs to be turned up a lot more than other aps. Hoping it continues to work....
Had to go through tons of trouble shooting to get here, willing to help if anyone gets as frustrated as I did!
I finally got this to work after a month of going back and forth with Jacqueline at VNYL. Still not even 100% sure how I did it. Sound volume needs to be turned up a lot more than other aps. Hoping it continues to work....
Had to go through tons of trouble shooting to get here, willing to help if anyone gets as frustrated as I did!

I just got mine today and for the life of me cannot get it to connnect to my WiFi... I’ve tried everything. I just emailed Jacquelyn such a beautiful player... I hope they’re able to work out these kinks and higher a customer support team
The whole thing is extremely frustrating. When it does work, it is really cool to have my records playing on all of my Sonos speakers at once. Unfortunately, that is very rare.
If I decide to use it, I have resorted to unplugging my router, my sonos play 5 (the first time I really got it to work Jacqueline from VNYL told me I had to unplug all of my Sonos speakers), unplugging the TRNTBL, uninstalling the ap, downloading again with TestFlight, restarting my phone, and starting from scratch. I have tried troubleshooting to figure out exactly what one step is necessary, and there really is no pattern to it. I just get lucky and it seems to work.
But after a few hours, it will lose my connection and I basically have to start that whole process again. Usually I just give up at that point and use a different music source.
The other major problem is that records skip all the time. Brand new records will skip. This has been happening more and more frequently.
I really hope they get the bugs fixed somehow. Their customer service is non-existent besides emailing with Jacqueline from VYNL. It took a lot of troubleshooting ideas with her to even get it going. I can get it to work, but I can't imagine people will be as patient as I have been so far.
I have also been emailing consistently and thankfully, Jacqueline does respond, but wasn’t able to help. I eventually figured out that the TRNTBL couldn’t connect to my network because I am using an Eero mesh network (which I love). Only by reinstalling my old cable router could I get the TRNTBL to connect to the internet and of course, I had to move my sonos network to the same cable router network in order for it to work. But it does work, at least. I haven’t had it drop out, but I guess I haven’t been listening for hours on end yet. I have been emailing Jacqueline and the Eero support team without any results yet. Obviously, I would prefer my sonos to be on my main network and not have 2 networks running. I did also notice that when I connect the TRNTBL to a Bluetooth device, it will disconnect after about 5-10 minutes and will only work again if I unplug the Eero and then plug it back in and try to reconnect to the device. Has this happened to anyone else?
This entire thread should serve as a perfect example of why a feature (such as WiFi connectivity) should be seamless, or an auxiliary system (like a 3.5mm jack) should be an option.
I can NOT get my VNYL to connect to sonos. When I try to login through the vnyl PlyrSetup app, it claims my username and password is incorrect. (I am entering the correct information.) I am absolutely fed up with my trntbl product.
Do *not* buy this product!! It has tons technical issues and glitches and there is absolutely no support from @getvnyl or

I’ve reached out many times for help with their app (that you have to have to use the product) and have not received a single answer. I am unable to use this product- at no fault of my own. Do your research and then do yourself a favor—Use your $500 for something else.

I have major buyer remorse.
DO NOT BUY A TRNTBL. They are a fraudulent company!!! MAJOR buyer's remorse too!!!
One year later follow up. I just got off with tech support and there is a firmware update for the TRNTBL and OMG it works and surprisingly sounds really good. As good if not better than my Fluance turntable! Just go through the online setup
Someone will email you to set up a call and walk you thru a firmware update(thru terminal on a Mac, no idea how on a pc but can be done as well) Took 10 min total. FINALLY!
Well, that's a little burst of great news! Happy it's finally working for you the way you want. And sorry it took a year to do so.
Trtnbl is a complete nightmare. After waiting for months longer than they promised delivery, it took me several months to get it to work at all. I was emailing and eventually on the phone with Jacqueline several times a week. At one point, somoeone (name escapes me) got on the phone and was really helpful getting my system to connect. It felt like a lot of random troubleshooting (unplug, plug back in, reset account), but I was quite happy when it finally was spinning records.

The system worked for several months and then one day just would not. No troubleshooting could figure it out. Eventually they sent me a new trntbl, but the app won't recognize it (or the old one). So now I have two nice-looking, completely worthless trntbls. It's one thing to have a new product with glitches, it's another to have basically no customer service. This company will fail. Stay away from this product.