Transferring Itunes files to SD

  • 30 October 2016
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Hi, I am having trouble playing music from my Samsung smart phone.
To avoid having to have the laptop on to play music I bought a 32gb SD card and dragged the Itunes music folder on to the card. Neither the phone nor Sonos showed them as being in the music folder.(where I put them). I tried individual folders with the same result. I have also tried to rip a disc using windows media player. I used WAV format and tried 2 albums. This worked to a degree with only one of the albums showing the artist and although it played via Sonos, the app kept freezing for a while. Also I do not really want to start ripping all of my albums again, I just want to move all of my albums, including artwork en mass to my phone. The vast majority of the albums are my own and not purchased so it has nothing to do with Itunes blocking them. I have seen other posts regarding SD cards and I did put them in the Music folder, both on the phone memory and the SD card. any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance/

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8 replies

You'd have a more resilient solution if you just copied the files to a flash stick plugged into your router, assuming it has a USB port.
mmm. No my router does not have a USB port. I am puzzled as to why the music is not recognised by the phone but if I use windows file explorer it shown on my device.
It seems to be an Android problem. I have seen many solutions but none have worked for me.
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You could try syncing your iTunes with google play music 50K tracks for free, then your music will stream from the cloud to sonos, or pc etc anywhere, without any hardware being needed, just a controller. Obviously you need unlimited broadband and good wifi strength.
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on your SD card are the files definitely in a root directory folder /Music/
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Note: I really hate playing music stored on phone itself. Then if phone drops wifi your music is going to stop.

Invest in an NAS drive $125 and can be used for way more backup then just music
Thanks for advice. Definitely a problem with Android Still trawling the net for a solution but might just go for hard drive.
I just put my SD card in my wifes J5 phone and it worked perfectly.