Tired Of Waiting For Google home Integration

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In 24 hours this post has not aged well lol Who's looking real foolish now?

Not me. Sonos most certainly is looking foolish, they dropped the ball big time.

And by the way, exactly what is your problem? Because you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to stir things up with me. Did I date your sister or something?
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Hey guys, let's keep it friendly. No need to pick a fight between users here on a topic that's already a bit heated.
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Well no mate, you have to suck it up ;O)
You could join the beta to help make it even better.........

I though I would be waiting about six months, and now Sonos keeps saying later. They were not honest as I see it.

I thought it was pretty clear when they made the annoucement last year that they had a plan for release in 2018, but did not yet have all the details worked out. Things do not always go according to plan, and not every factor can be controlled. I don't think means the planners were dishonest.

As a simple example, if I say I'm going to make a turkey dinner tonight, but then find that the turkey I've been thawing in the fridge for a couple days is still too frozen to cook, making turkey dinner tonight impossible, does that make me dishonest? Sure, those who wanted a turkey dinner are disappointed, can may be blame me for not thawing eariler or something, but it's not a lie, and there was certainly no intention to deceive.
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Guess you cant having trouble reading Google Home and Sonos

The Google Assistant will be supported on Sonos One in 2018. Sign up here to be notified when the Google Assistant integration comes to Sonos.
While Google Home Smart Assistant doesn’t work with your Sonos system natively, it can be connected with an audio cable allowing you to play music on Sonos by asking your Google Assistant.

How can I use Google Home with Sonos?
Certain Sonos products have a Line-In port which allows you to connect an external audio source such as a phone, computer, or Chromecast Audio to your Sonos system.

What you need to get started:

Google Home
Google Chromecast Audio (more than one if you wish to have individual speaker control)
A Sonos product with line-in: PLAY:5 (gen1 and gen2), CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP
Line-In cable. Either:
an ⅛ inch (3.5mm) audio cable for PLAY:5 (gen1 and gen2)
an ⅛ inch (3.5mm) to RCA Y-audio cable for CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP
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You can't go wrong having a Play:5. That's why I always tell people they should start out with a Play:5. Great speaker and gives you an input so that your pretty future proof if anything comes along you need to input.
I have 7 Sonos in the house and tried Alexa, it was a truly horrible hit and miss experience so stopped. I use the app on the phone which works great. I also have 4 google home units and in no rush to use them for Sonos. If it happens i will try it but if its anything like Alexa it wont be used for long.
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I always tell people. Don’t buy anything for what it is going to do. Buy for what it does today. With google being very important to you I would also personally wait and see. Sonos.has a lot of adavntagegs for whole home so you may want to stay tuned. But I wouldn’t buy today for a feature that hasn’t released yet. In a few months you may change your mind once they release it. But your probably making a good decision to hold off.

Ps. This board gets a lot of complainers (as it’s a support forum). Actually only a handful come here with complaints compared to the millions of happy Sonos users. So don’t let board stuff shy you away.
I don't recall the support for Google assistant being for this spring, I believe they said "sometime in 2018". Now I need to go find that to post a link here. Would you provide a link to the announcement for "sometime this spring" please?
Here is the announcement I was recalling:

And the relevant portion:

In 2018, the Google Assistant comes to Sonos One, making it the first and only smart speaker to support multiple major voice services.

I'd be delighted to see something that modifies that timeline, please.
I think your expectations will be met, when they've completed the integration. They didn't charge for the update for Amazon Alexa integration, it would be odd for them to charge for the integration for Google Home.
Sonos announced that Google Assistant support would be coming in 2018. They announced it in October last year that they were working on - so your actually completely wrong (it has been 6 months). Note it did take a year from announcement of Alexa support in Fall of 2016 to release in Fall 2017. These things just as much involve Amazon/Google timelines as Sonos.

Yea but Google Home was announced May 2016 and released Nov 2016, with supported products from Nest, Philips Hue and others. That's why to users it seems to be taking forever. Here we are, 1.5 years after Google Home release and still no support.
I can imagine the port to Google Home would be daunting for Sonos because the chipsets, firmware and inbuilt software all has to be enhanced so that it works across so many devices. Doing this sort of upgrade on older hardware would be a huge task. At the same time Sonos is creating new products, enhancing their app and existing products among all the rest of the stuff going on.

Bit of patience required I guess but in the meantime I have my Google Home working with Chromecast to my Sonos system and it works perfectly.

I am looking forward to the Beam arriving next month (preordered today) for the bedroom TV.....should be an excellent addition and it will 100% get the Google Home upgrade when it arrives as well.
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I note lots of ideas for connecting Google Home via line-in etc. However, for those of us with a Playbar (which is not a cheap bit of kit) there is no solution out there that I can see.

It's as though Sonos has conveniently forgotten about those of us that have invested in this particular product. It certainly doesn't inspire me to buy other Sonos products if I'm being completely honest.
Is that for a playlist you create on the Sonos app first or can Alexa search your NAS music folder. It's the latter which is my real interest as I have thousands of music tracks and want to be able to say e.g. hey Alexa play 'Brown Sugar.

Can you not read, or at least play their video?! Or are you just here to whine?

What incentive do you honestly think Amazon and Google have to let you use their free voice services merely to play your local library, when they offer subscription music services? Are you 13?
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Is that for a playlist you create on the Sonos app first or can Alexa search your NAS music folder. It's the latter which is my real interest as I have thousands of music tracks and want to be able to say e.g. hey Alexa play 'Brown Sugar.

Can you not read, or at least play their video?! Or are you just here to whine?

What incentive do you honestly think Amazon and Google have to let you use their free voice services merely to play your local library, when they offer subscription music services? Are you 13?

Thank you for your considered response chicks, much appreciated. I think you have missed your calling, the diplomatic service is much the poorer without you.

For your information I am actually a senior citizen.

BTW I have watched the video - I did say play from my NAS (Synology) not a Windows or Mac computer, plus I did say I wanted the ability to search for single tracks? Oh well, I guess simple is sometimes the best (existing Sonos app).
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Do you think that the SONOS world revolves around you and your needs? You sound like an angry child throwing their toys out of the pram…. Just be patient and give them time to do a proper job of it. No innovation happens quickly these days, especially if you want a bug-free release.
And please - proof read your grammar and Stop All The Capitals At The Beginning Of Each Word!
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So are you saying there was no, warning of a sonos patent threat to google?
I prefer the "voice of reason" label I was awarded 😛
Why the hell is this taking so long Patríck? Just release the damn update and let’s move on to a better life in the land of milk and honey, where we can tell google to play our playlists!

What I want is so I can say something like “Hey Google, Play Australia Top 50 from Spotify on Living Room Sonos Speaker” (Italics where replaceable with what ever service, playlist or assistant you have and Sonos Speaker name).

This is my exact requirement.
@Mason, @SteelerSE, I would be very surprise if your requirement isn't included in the Google integration. This feature is definitely a part of the Alexa integration, and it's not hard to see how both Google and Sonos customers would be very disappointed without it. As well, assuming the tech works generally the same way the Alexa integration does, it doesn't really add much development work to include it.

One of the nice things about Google’s setup, unlike Amazon’s, is that you can configure any device to play to any other. So, their little hockey puck could play to your LR Sonos speakers without the need to tag on “in the living room”.

Assuming that functionality works with Sonos, and I don't see a reason why it wouldn't, I see that as execellent news for even Alexa users. Amazon isn't going to let a simple feature like that draw customers away from them. Competition is good for the consumer.
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I would think they would want it released before Black Friday at end of November.
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Oh thanks for posting that, I have also been waiting along time for google home app to be more integrated and easy to setup/change.
Might think about a home hub around black Friday when google usually do deals to compete with amazon. Would be great if sonos was ready then as well.....
Outside of that I'm sure there will be some disappointments and concessions - like not being able to group Sonos players via voice commands or only being able to control volume on the entire group or one player instead of specifying which zone you want to change or being limited in the sources of music that can be accessed via voice commands, etc. But those should come with time.

As someone who impatiently waited for Echo integration, faced disappointments, has a "well established Sonos ecosystem," and is looking to switch from Echo to Home, I'll tell you what issue is worse than the disappointments:


With the Sonos skill, asking Alexa anything causes all Sonos devices in the house to go quiet while she listens. If I say "Alexa" near the Echo Dot in my kitchen, my wife watching TV in another part of the house using a Playbar gets interrupted. If my son is studying up in his room with mellow music in the background, he gets interrupted.

This is a total deal-breaker and not simply a disappointment. I have faith Home won't have the issue. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.