Tidal issue

  • 11 November 2020
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Tidal issue.  Sorry for typo. Admin please feel free to correct spelling of topic.


When playing Tidal as my music source, it will only play one song (not continuous play of an artist/songs/album), then stop. Sonos doesn't do this with Amazon music (Amazon music continues its to play the entire library). I've removed and reinstalled the app, disconnected the Tidal service, then reconnected and still the same. Thoughts?

5 replies

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Please give a specific example of what you are asking to play and how.

TIDAL offers less options for playback than Amazon, and recently removed some Artist-specific options.

This is my sequence. 

Searched "Calvin Harris" using magnifier on bottom menu. From there, all of my music providers are shown. I scroll to Tidal and select. A sub menu populates w/top tracks, albums, etc. I select top tracks and a list populates. From there, I select the top track, in this case it is "One Kiss". At the end of playing the song, it stops (i.e. doesn't play next song on the list). Previously, it would continue playing all songs on the list. 


Thanks in advance for your time and help.





We are having the same issues with Tidal.  When we select and album to play, it will play one song and stop.  We are not having issues when playing our own playlists or streaming from Amazon Music.

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Thanks for the specifics @JODAOR it makes it a lot easier to dig into.

Re-reading the spec at https://developer.sonos.com/reference/sonos-music-api/getmetadata/ and it looks like Tidal stopped including the canPlay attribute on such lists. Hard to be sure without a time machine and going back to look at what their service used to return for this.

TL;DR suggest reporting it to TIDAL as this doesn’t sound like a deliberate change in their SMAPI service.

If you originate your playlist in the Tidal app (as opposed to Sonos) and then select the desired Sonos outputs, the music will be continuous play.