Synology DSM 7 beta & Sonos

  • 13 December 2020
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It would appear that under DSM 7.0beta Sonos Libraries will no longer work, in essence even with SMB 1 enabled due to one of the following:




20 replies

Seems to be.

I tried to re add the libary, but it still says, can´t access :/

I hope Sonos will fix this

This is a huge issue for me and I’m now truly sorry I installed Synology 7.0 beta :(

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@Zufanek heres a work around with Docker 


Synology made a workaround. It is unsecure, but at least working now. Whole issue is with a Sonos itself, they just need to finally support SMB 2 and above. SMB 1 is unsecure and not supported for years.

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Synology made a workaround. It is unsecure, but at least working now. Whole issue is with a Sonos itself, they just need to finally support SMB 2 and above. SMB 1 is unsecure and not supported for years.

Yup this is a Sonos problem to fix.

With S2 out for months IMO Sonos could not care less about  owners network security.

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Synology has decided to update to the 21st century and drop support for SMB1. Sonos is being childish by not offering SMB2 or 3. 

Likely the same childish thing Apple has with not allowing iOS 14.4 to run on the original iPhones, or Microsoft not allowing Windows 10 to run on ‘386 machines.


Sonos, please upgrade to to state-of-the-art-smb!

In case you guys have docker support on DSM, I would go for:

I haven’t started that route yet, but it seems like the best way to keep NAS data safe and you are able to enjoy Sonos with SMB.

Another option is stopping with Sonos… Maybe that helps Sonos to start supporting newer SMB protocols ;)


The Docker-solution works fine!

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Hi everybody

:rotating_light::warning: official DSM 7 installed yesterday ! :warning::rotating_light:

when you look at synology board, the issue is going on since last christmas . It’s just amazing that sonos didn’t fixed it yet. Six months guys, six months !!!. More and more sonos products are on the market but sonos seems to be now more on hardware than software (wich use to be their best hability). This issue is just a pain in the a..:zipper_mouth: and i have to pay a spotify account to use my sonos.

The “fix” above is not a fix. it’s a way to open your nas for encryption attacks. Furthermore, it’s juste crazy that synology developped something to work with much less security when it’s sonos responsability to develop something that work in a complete secure way. My NAS has got too much important datas to open a backdoor. Hey Sonos! do your job and make something work in the art of work

 I’m really angry and i guess it will increase days after days with the installation of DS7, now that the beta is over and works fine with alpha.

Please ! like my post ! more we are to be angry, the best (i suppose) we’ll get a chance to be heard.

I have already send a complaint to Sonos. 
The more people who do that, maybe it helps to wake up the product development team?!

In my case I first need to figure out how to get two docker containers on my Syno with a network IP. As it seems you can’t run the Mac lab network create twice. I have done it already for AdGuard Home. Now I just need to find a good tutorial for this ;)



Under Fileservices /SMB / Advanced Settings 
Tab Other
Enable NTLMv1 authentication.


This worded for me...

There is a fix in place when upgrading to Synology DSM 7, which I just did on my DS118.


Following this link does the business straight away once the new OS is installed.


Hope this helps those who run these NAS boxes (I find my very basic one to be excellent) and are concerned about doing the upgrade.  It still doesn’t get away from the fact that we shouldn’t be forced by Sonos to use the insecure SMB1 protocol, though!



please fix this sonos

@jreddaway that worked for me, and, it doesn’t feel great. please work on the SMB2 issue, Sonos!

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Absolutely ridiculous Sonos are still on SMB1 and they have the nerve to tell us they need everyone to use S2 as this is a software driven solution and updates are done at Software so why Sonos are you still reliant on old crap like SMB1!! 

I am really questioning whether I want to continue investing in Sonos, like someone else said here, I don’t want to put my data on my NAS at risk by using a workaround solution that Synology have put in to ‘help their users out’. This is firmly Sonos responsibility.  

Come on Sonos, sort this out!!

all my Synology boxes have been upgraded to DSM 7.0-41890 and still support SMB1 :smile:

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Thanks for your helpul messages!

Is there any way to get sonos to switch to a secure version of samba (including Sonos S1 Controller) ?

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Not going to happen for S1 as the old gear just doesn’t have the memory space for the newer software.

For S2 it is likely to come along at some point as Sonos moves to newer software. Many other fixes and enhancements will also become available in S2 with a current core software stack under the Sonos applications.