Synolgy - DLNA - UPNP Support

First of all. I come from Germany .. and.. sorry for my bad written English.

I think, I am the 5436 user, who wants to have this implemented.

I am new SONOS user / owner. I bought yesterday (10-31-13): 1 x Playbar + SUB + 2 x PLAY:3 + 1 x Bridge.

I am also a Synology user/owner (5 years). 12 TB music and film (more films than music - I knew, that SONOS only supports 65000 music titles 🙂.

So.. what I want to say/ have is: why doesn't SONOS supports music servers like Synology has implemented. First, Sonos has to build up an index. This index file will be saved on one of the SONOS hardware (I don't know if its true; support told me) Limitation: max. 65000. If they would support music servers like Synolgy ... or.. ..others... no more limitations. Easy going.
This could be an option inside the Sonos APP. Use own indexing or .. music server.

I know its not to difficult for the developers to implement this inside the Sonos APP.
(I was a software developer in the past; and I know a little bit about this stuff)
I have several APPs (IOS and Android), Windows software, MAC software who supports this !!

As I have seen, this wish is very old. I only want to know, why this feature isn't implemented yet.
I can't understand it. Beacuse one problem is also, every time I put several new music files inside my shared folders, SONOS has to renew the index. Multimedia NAS Servers like Synology renew it also. Why does it twice? NAS Servers are faster.

I also missed a function to stop the indexing ... I miss also a view like xx% of the work has been completed. (reason: in my case, the indexing crashed respectively stopped in the background; but I dind't knew it). And it's also not possible to decide, if I want to have an indexing or not. Let's say, I want select files with the "Folder" view (no index). Why do I need an index, if I want to select files over folders?  Maybe it is only my problem, because I have so many music titles, and I start to wokr with SONOS yesterday. 

And .. why does SONOS supports Windows 11 Media Server and not the rest ?

I only want to know .. respectively want to have an answer from the SONOS developer team respectively marketing team respectively ......

Sorry... but I am a little bit frustrated about all these things. I thought, SONOS supports several standard media servers.

Greetings from Berlin

PS: A short sentence to sale/marketing: I have ~ 10 friends who uses a big Synolgy and loves music. After I told them about the problem with media servers .. now they wouldn't buy the SONOS solution. 

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I have the same issue with my Synology NAS. Any implementations planned by Sonos?
Please support DLNA! I really do not understand why you do not support this standard which is really state of the art for such a system. I know so many friends who want to buy a Sonos system but still hesitate or already bought another system because you don't offer this standard.

It's a pity, I think I will buy as well another system because of that...
I'm really surprised by this. I was literally just about to order a SONOS connect but now I'm thinking about looking for alternatives. How can there be no support for DLNA???
I was considering setting up my home with Sonos starting with the AMP to connect to built in speakers in my new home.  Upon realizing I couldn't use the DLNA capabilities of my Synology solution I've decided to instead acquire a network connected receiver that supports DLNA.
Very disappointing SONOS does not support DLNA. I can go down the list (PlayStation, X-Box, Smart TVs, iPADs, Android, Denon, Etc, Etc, ....) But not SONOS... Hummm......
I would have assume that the one thing that was not questionable and assumed was the compatibility and support for DLNA.  I have a Buffalo NAS and all my smart devices can stream automatically from it except SONOS. But don't panic -- SONOS can indeed stream from any NAS!
SONOS provides a work-around. You just have to manually add and configure the Server name and then SONOS creates its own index (not using DLNA) and then you can play and stream anything from the NAS media server and you can search search for it same as from your media library. It works very good -- but have to build the index -- same as with your mobile device. And in a way more efficient.
So -- even though I have now SONOS streaming from my NAS -- it would be very nice (and should be given) SONOS support for DLNA -- since it has become a defacto standard.
Still doesn't work. Such a nice product but......
I have a Synology server like almost every one on this post. It would be very nice to have access to my over 400 albums by DLNA like Plex or so .......
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Sonos will directly access your Synology server via the network directly.  You do not need to run a DLNA server.  You just go in and point Sonos to your music directory on the server.
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Chris wrote:

Sonos will directly access your Synology server via the network directly.  You do not need to run a DLNA server.  You just go in and point Sonos to your music directory on the server.

About to get another streamer and sonos would be a candidate if not for the bad upnp/DLNA support. Seems i have to get another Linn sadly to a higher cost but atleast its working with my musicserver (Asset upnp) with no limitations.
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Chris wrote:

Sonos will directly access your Synology server via the network directly.  You do not need to run a DLNA server.  You just go in and point Sonos to your music directory on the server.

The Sonos controller allows to add Radio stations which accepts M3U playlists.
Granted this is a workaround but maybe it can help you out?
Hi Stefan,

Yeah real bummer, flawed thinking here by SONOS. You can now purchase $100 Blu-ray players with DLNA support or simple media devices that do the same thing here on Oz. In saying that, most Cinema amps now come with network connectivity and DLNA support as do smart TV's.

The way I get around it is use the Synology Audio APP on my device (phone or tablet), then when selecting the player choose SONOS Connect.

Works perfectly.

Hope this helps as a solution until SONOS gets their act together.

My job is IT and setting up zoned systems in clubs, businesses and venues along with the mainstream IT work and I'm hearing you regarding people stopping purchasing these players when they realize they don't work with their NAS DLNA systems. My cashed up customers who have already purchased SONOS systems simply drop them and go other solutions.

Cliff in Sunny Melbourne

got a QNAP with Twonky Media Server.
Think I will return my SONOS players ...
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Still no DLNA support.
Denon HEOS does support it.
Time to wake up guys.
I will not buy Sonos just because of that.


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