Streaming iTunes music to Playbar

Current setup:
Sony TV KDL-55W900A connected to Sonos Playbar via optical. AppleTV (3rd gen) connected to TV via HDMI.

Question: Is there a way to play music from my iTunes system WITHOUT having the TV turned on? Naturally this would be solved if Sonos had Airplay functionality, but for now I really prefer the user interface of iTunes over the Sonos controller. Everything works great if the TV is on, but I really don't think I should have to have the TV on to play my music from iTunes. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere that would allow this with the equipment/connections I currently have??

Right now it's looking like the way to go might be to get a 2 in-->1 out optical splitter. I have seem similar topics here in the forum, but none that I have found are quite specific to my question. If a splitter is the way to go, is there a clear favorite? Is it automatic or does it need to be switched in order to work?

Thanks for any and all input!

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No. In order to get rather music from the Apple TV to the PLAYBAR, the TV must be on.

That being said, if your music is stored on a hard drive on a Mac or PC, or even an NAS, then you could point the Sonos controller at it, and play the music across the Wi-Fi connection, rather than the optical connection.
Thanks Airgetlam. The music is all stored on a network hard drive, so it plays just fine wirelessly as Sonos originally intended. I just hate the Sonos music controller and really hope that Airplay 2 is available as an update to my existing hardware. This way I can use iTunes as it is a far more robust way to control my library.
We've been told that Airplay 2 will be coming this year. Sonos tends not to give dates, something that is completely understandable given that Apple doesn't seem to have nailed down the API for Airplay 2 yet. So if you have patience, I think you'll see it before year end., given you have the correct hardware. The only one they've confirmed so far is the Sonos One as being Airplay 2 compatible, without actually ruling out any other speakers.
You can use this, it offers an AirPlay interface to all Sonos players


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