Storytel - Streaming audio books

  • 8 November 2013
  • 32 replies

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I would love to use Storytel ( on my Sonos system. 
When can I expect to using it just like I can use Spotify?

Storytel is the leading streaming audio book service in Scandinavia with almost 100 000 subscribers. It's a way for you to adapt to the Scandinavian market.

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32 replies

I would loooove this feature too!
I would also love to use Storytel on my Sonos system!
Is there anyone who got Storytel work on a sonos system?
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The only way is to plug your phone into your Sonos "line in" and from there you can stream it to your other rooms. But it's not very convenient. 
I would prefer if I could use Storytel just as I use Spotify on Sonos.
I agree. Storytel integration would be an awesome feature.
Yes, please! At least comment whether it will happen or not!
Please, im still wating
I agree!
Lets get this storytell/sonos thing working !! Please 🙂
It would be amazing! Plz make it work!
Yes definately would love to hear storytell on the Sonos!! 
It would be amazing!
Please please 🙂 just fix :) 
Would be great!
Would be awesome!
I wouldn't mind generic stream functionality, like stream the audio playing on my phone to Sonos.
pleeeease yes!
Yes please!
PLEASE make this happen!!! Storytel is a fantastic service and it's a shame we're unable to use it with Sonos. I have my entire home hooked up with Sonos gear and my family is dying to get running with Storytel on Sonos. Please!
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You all might have better success trying to request this directly from Storytel. I get the impression that Sonos' model now is "we have an API that any audio service is free to write to", rather than Sonos developing the integration themselves.
This is a great service to listen to books 🙂
I'd love this as Well!
I emailed Storytel about this yesterday and they answered me today saying that it is something they'd like to offer and hope to be able to do soon - but at the moment they have no news on when this will possibly happen 😞
I'm considering selling my Sonos Play 1 and buying a system with bluetooth connection instead at this point - don't know how long I'll keep waiting...
Fact is I love Storytel more than my Sonos....
I agree Lea_1, I also love Storytel just a little bit more than Sonos. What other systems are you considering?
I agree with the above. I'd also like to be able to use Storytel on my Sonos.