Storing music services, sources, play lists, favoites

  • 16 November 2016
  • 3 replies

I have confirureg my controller, added few music services sonos favorites, playlists etc.
I wonder if it's possible to store this all stuf under sonos account or in some other way.

The idea behind is
- to have a backup of the stuff
- to be able to use my stuff on any other sonos system I can connect to


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3 replies

Sorry, but no. This has been requested in the past but Sonos have not given any indication that they have plans to do this.

There isn't really a great need for a backup, IMO. Unless you factory reset everything the playlists aren't going anywhere - and resetting is pretty much never a good idea except when buying/selling Sonos equipment.

I do understand the desire to share across systems.

Just to be clear, playlists are stored in every Sonos player. I have assumed that you mean something like "export" rather than "store".
Export, buckup however I just want to persist what I have configured.
I haven't read any technical spec about how to access to speaker file system yet but if the playlists are stored there then I will just copy the files and experiment a bit. Maybe there is already some app that allows to do this in simple way.

I did a quick research and I found one project: This utility controls Sonos playlists including backup and restore hosted on:

I will check it during the week and let you know how it works.

Ok I am back.
Using the tool I mentioned in the last post it is possible to export the playlists stored in the sonso system.

The tool is developed in Python so you have to install Python first. Then some extra setup is needed (additional libs the tool uses needs to be imported)

The import function failed and I reported it already. I hope it gets fixed soon.

There is no feature to import Sonos Favoroites at the moment.