stitcher use in Sonos after recent app updates... lost groupings

  • 7 April 2021
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Since recent Stitcher and asonos app updates for iOS equipment, both my iPhone 8 and iPad 2…. when I bring up stitcher to play podcasts on sonos, it lists all my podcasts…. Under shows… but no longer has them grouped like they are in the stitcher app.  So this means I have to scroll thru all my various podcasts to find what I’m looking for.

before these app updates, the groupings came over int9 Sonos…. making it so much easier to find the podcast im looking for.

sure would be nice 9f we could get these groupings back!

1 reply

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Hi @kh57,


Stitcher have recently gone through a massive overhaul of their backend systems, and it’s likely some things are misbehaving or not acting the way they used to. In either case, content provided in the Sonos app by the service is controlled directly by Stitcher and you should let them know that things aren’t acting the way they did before the updates since Sonos has no direct control over how content is displayed.