'STATION no longer available on SiriusXM'

  • 8 December 2018
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I keep getting the error message 'STATION no longer available on SiriusXM' trying to play any of the stations on SiriusXM. Earlier I started getting another error message 'Unable to play'. I changed my username on Sirius and re-installed the service on Sonos but I am still getting the error. My Sirius account is fine and works on my phone and in a browser. Anyone else is experiencing this issue? So frustrating.

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45 replies

Just called and sat on hold for 40 minutes to speak to a technician. We submitted a diagnostic to them so that might help them find the problem. He said they are going to try to escalate a fix on this situation and they hope to be able to send out notification on this soon.
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Hi everyone, the main thread for this issue is here . To keep the conversation in one place, I'm going to close this thread down, but to get updates, feel free to follow or post in the main thread.
Add another onto the list. And been waiting on the phone now for over 18 minutes to talk with a rep.
Same problem here...Sonos can you at least provide us an update??
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Update - We are continuing to investigate this issue.
Dec 9, 14:08 PST
Add me to the list as of two days ago. Service got progressively less reliable with increasing disconnects and harder reconnects up to the Message Of Doom: "____ is no longer available on SiriusXM." Pandora and Spotify continue to work with no issues.
Started happening to me a few day ago. The removing and re-adding with a non-email account name solution did not work. Apple Music, Amazon Music, and iHeart Radio are not working either, although they did yesterday.:@
I am having the same issues and have tried several times to get Sirius XM Canada back with not luck, I have put off purchasing any additional Sonos units until this issue is addressed.
@Sonos are you monitoring this situation and what is being done to fix it? My Sirius hasn't worked for two days. This morning I deleted Sirius from Sonos, changed the password, reinstalled. It worked for a few minutes. Now it's no longer working. What is being done to fix this?
It works for me
None of the suggestions work for me. Additionally, I do not have an email as user name and have changed password multiple times. SONOS needs to fix this!! Been happening for a few months now.
I have been without Sirius XM service via Sonos for about a week, receiving the same error others on this stream, something like "this channel is no longer available on Sirius XM". Tried resetting my controller, no dice. I only have the router, no speakers or other Sonos equipment.

I saw a post that suggested to log into your Sirius XM account and change your password. So I deleted Sirius as a service from Sonos, went to Sirius, changed my password. Back to Sonos, added Sirius as a service, logged on with old ID and new password and it works. Thanks Sonos community for the suggestion !!

Whoops, just kidding. Sirius played for about 10-15 minutes, then cut out. I went back to the Sonos app and I'm receiving the same error message "(channel name) is no longer available on SiriusXM"


OK - Saw another suggestion to change username to a non-email ID. Back to SiriusXM account, changed user ID. Back to Sonos app. Deleted SiriusXM as service, added SiriusXM as service, logged in with new ID and Password. It's working again. For how long, who knows, but working for now.
UPDATE: There is another thread on the same topic that suggests changing your SiriusXM account username if it's in the form of an email address. Mine was in the form of an email address, so I just changed it in my SiriusXM online account. Then I removed SiriusXm from my SONOS controller and reinstalled it. I was finally able to connect without issue.

I realize that SONOS is aware of the SiriusXm issue, but I also just wanted to add that it's been affecting us for about 72 hours now. It started around Friday, 12/7 for us. We are still not able to connect to any SiriusXM channels via SONOS at this time.

Removing SiriusXM from the controller, changing the password, and reinstalling it did not work for us.
So I had this problem this morning. Removing SiriusXM from the Sonos, changing the password on my SiriusXM, removing the favorites on my Sonos controller, and adding SiriusXM back to the controller worked for me this evening. I did this all from my Windows 10 PC. I never had my email as my username. I don't know if any step here was crucial or if the service will stay up. I'll post up if I have problems again.
Same issue with me today. Tried removing account and adding it back in but that didn’t work. Please fix this.
I’ve been without SiriusXM for three days. Been in DM on Twitter with support and have tried everything they suggest but no luck yet. Have submitted numerous diagnostic reports. Someone screwed the pooch and it’s really getting frustrating. I’ve got Sonos gifts wrapped for family and now feel like the service has been limited drastically.
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@JFM Showing Major Outage message
I've had the same problem for two days. Bothered the people at Sirius XM thinking it was their problem. It is not -- it is clearly a Sonos issue. Tried the suggestion of removing the SiriusXM from my Sonos app and then reinstalling it with username (not email address) and password. Same problem still exists, so I guess that fix is good for some people and not others. Frustrating, to say the least. I'm looking for the "official" message from Sonos on this but I can't find it. Have they owned up to the problem and said they are trying to fix it?

In fairness to Sonos, this is the first issue of this sort I have had after working with their system for several years. In the past I have found their service technicians to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Hope they come through on this problem.
Same problem with my sonos app. I tried the stated fix on both our phones, made no difference. We've been using the app on our iPhone for about a year now. I downloaded the app to my laptop where it worked perfectly. Went back to the phones, and now they both work again. Might just be a coincidence but I'm glad it works again.
Lose connectivity with Sirius on Sonos App ,constant error message (song not encoded,Sirius disappears from Sonos App.Created new user name and password.Still having the issue ,comes and goes.Very frustrating.
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Started happening to me yesterday as well. 😠
this started for me yesterday dec.8,2018, and there's no one available at solons all weekend to help ,, not a happy camper here!!
Add me to the list. Last September, needed to change Sirius password to get to work (huh, what??). I'm getting pretty dang frustrated with this problem; it doesn't help when I see Sonos on here saying it's a Sirius problem. It ain't. Sirius works fine on any device in the universe that I access it from except Sonos. If it is indeed a Sirius problem, then apparently all other device manufacturers have much better technical resources than Sonos and can fix the 'issue' without several months of work.

When Sirius went public, I told friends that this would go downhill fast as profit becomes an even larger incentive when you're publicly traded. I'll never know what happened to trigger this change (layoffs, outsource technical resources, etc.) but something clearly changed. I no longer brag about Sonus being the best audio system out there. Please gain my trust back by at least acknowledging this is a Sonos problem. I'm a frigging network engineer, I can imagine how frustrated non-technical people can get. We just want to listen to our music, c'mon Sonos, own it!
On the Sonos support page is this statement..."There is a temporary service outage affecting SiriusXM on Sonos and we’re working with them to fix the problem as soon as possible. You’ll find real-time status updates online via our community or on Twitter @SonosSupport."
I also started getting this problem, but when I tried the solution of removing and re-adding the SiriusXM service to my Sonos, it keeps giving me the "incorrect username or password" error and won't re-add the service. It doesn't seem to matter what I change on the SiriusXM account management website, I still get the error.

My SiriusXM account username and streaming username were already set to non-email user names.