Station disappeared

My favorite station that I listened to on Sonos 24/7 will no longer play. It says it is playing but the icon has changed from a filled in box to a white box with just a narrow green bar across the middle with the name of my station. All other stations are playing normally. Why would just this one station disappear? I tried deleting and reinstalling it and I still get just the narrow bar.

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Any chance you might share what that particular station is, so that we could try to replicate the issue, and perhaps give you some advice?
Sure - it is Hymns and Favorites. (A station of very traditional Christian music I grew up with.)
OK, it still shows up, it just doesn't play? I see.

Have you confirmed if it will play in TuneIn's web browser player?

It looks like it doesn't. But it does on their own website. Which indicates that the website that generates the stream has changed something so that TuneIn can't play it. I'd recommend that you drop the website a note.
Thanks. Yes, I did that a few days ago.
I'd be interested to hear what they say, when they respond to you. No one on TuneIn or Sonos has access to their stream at this point.
Haven't gotten a response yet.
Not terribly surprising. I wouldn't assume that they have a large staff that can jump on issues quickly, or even read emails daily. Patience is the order of the day 🙂