Spotify will not add to Sonos queue

  • 28 June 2014
  • 6 replies

I try and play spotify through the sonos controller and it will not add to queue.

6 replies

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Have you tried rebooting your controller.  May resolve whatever conflict.
I unplugged the speaker and replugged it in. It worked but we will see for how long. It is extremely inconvenient if I have to do this regularly. 
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It shouldn't happen.  See if it happens again and report back if does.  Sonos may have to look at it if it keeps happening.
It already acted like it wanted to do it again when I played a song. Gave me the Unable to add to queue message but then I tried again and it worked. So I will check back if it reoccurs.
Thanks for the quick response
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Sounds like some interference issues possible.  You may want to submit a diagnostic and have Sonos look at it.

A couple best practices.  Whatever device you have hooked to your router.  Keep it a few feet apart from the router not right up against it.

Also make sure the channel your wireless network is on is a good distance from Sonos channel - such as if Sonos channel 1 keep your wireless 6 or above.