Spotify Thumbs up and Down - Where are they?

  • 27 June 2017
  • 8 replies

Where is the Spotify thumbs up and down feature in the Sonos app so I can have spotify learn my likes and dislikes?

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8 replies

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In the Spotify app? The Spotify app can now also direct to Sonos speakers and offers a richer range for Spotify functionality.
bockersjv - this is in the SONOS app either on a pc or on an iphone. I am thinking this is NOT possible as it would require SONOS to feed back information to Spotify and its not set up to do that.
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You asked about the Spotify thumbs up and thumbs down in the Sonos app and it is not there.

I did think Spotify had this feature but It does not appear to be in the Spotify Official App either so how would it be implemented in the Sonos app?
Great Point - over to Spotify now - thanks for pointing this out
FFS, will Sonos and Spotify ever sort their act out and play nicely? In GPM we had the thumbs up / down for years, along with seamless integration. I've decided to come back to Spotify thinking that it would all be working nicely with Sonos.

Could we get some sort of response from Sonos as to when / if this will be implemented please? Ideally in the next 28 days, before my Spotify trial period ends?

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Not sure why you think this is a Sonos issue. I can't see that Spotify has a thumbs up or down button. Do you mean the Heart and No entry symbols?

Besides this Sonos plays very nicely with Spotify, you can just use the Spotify App to play through your Sonos speakers. DOn't think you can do that yet with any other music service?
Hey bockersjv,

Indeed, I meant the heart / no heart. I came from Google Play Music which has this fully integrated into the Sonos app. It turns out that in Spotify I only get heart / no heart when I'm listening to radio.

Maybe I'm being a complete idiot but when I'm in the Sonos app and I go to Spotify then Genres and Moods I'm actually listening to Spotify Radio, but I don't get heart / no heart.

So maybe it's back to my original point about Sonos and Spotify playing nicely, like Sonos and Google Play Music do?

As for using the Spotify app to play onto the Sonos please see my post on the Spotify forum, I'd be interested to know if others have issues!

Where is the Spotify thumbs up and down feature in the Sonos app so I can have spotify learn my likes and dislikes? This was working until I allowed the update today (11/15/17), now no more thumbs up or down .. have tried various different stations (all on Pandora).