Spotify stops after 40 seconds

  • 22 June 2019
  • 3 replies

When I request music from my Sonos one via my spotify premium account it plays for 40 seconds then stops. Everything else, tune in, my music etc works OK.

My diagnostic number is 610232256.

3 replies

The problem is still there. I've done a bit more investigating.
All Spotify plays perfectly if I start it from the Sonos App.
If I start on Spotify and try to swap to my Sonos one as a device available, instead of playing what is on my phone it swaps to playing an album that appears in my Spotify queue. I don't know why it chooses this album or whether its the same fault. I've cleared the queue but this album keeps coming back. Ag reen connecting symbal shows but does not succeed.

I've done factory reset of the Sonos One. reinstalled Sonos and spotify on my phone and been on the Amazon web site and forgotten all my smart devices and set them up again.

I've rebooted my router.

After all that nothing has changed, Alexa still will only play 40 seconds of any track, if I say continue the results are unpredicatable.

The Sonos one has worked perfectly upto this happening. The fault is hard i.e it's not intermittent, any track only plays for 40 seconds.

Please help
my code is 563047998
I'm not getting much response with this i.e.none is there anyone else I can ask?

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I suggest you go direct to Sonos support as no-one in the Users Community seems able to help.