Spotify Stations app

  • 13 June 2019
  • 3 replies

Spotify has released a great Stations app in Australia and the US at least, if not elsewhere. Is Sonos going to add it to it's list of supported apps?

3 replies

It actually is up Spotify to add it, Sonos provides the API to use, but it is up to the individual streamers to determine what music can be streamed.

Of course, if you have an iOS device, and a compatible Sonos speaker, you could use AirPlay 2 to send the signal to Sonos.
It lists all my Sonos devices for connection via Spotify Connect. I don't have a premium account, or it would work fine. It does cast to my Amazon Fire Stick, which then plays via my Sonos Playbar, and of course can be grouped with any of my other Sonos devices.
Thanks for the tip about Airplay, Bruce. I am going to get a Sonos One so i can use Airplay.