Spotify + Sonos - Unable to add to queue :(

  • 5 October 2018
  • 8 replies

Trying to play Spotify from my Sonos app. Fails from the Desktop app and Sonos mobile app. Powered down my speakers. They are connected via wireless.

Error message is "Unable to add to queue"

Diagnostic report submitted: 73555489

This was working last week I believe.

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8 replies

Pandora streaming works fine. Sonos Library works fine.
Did they fix your issues?
Browsing they seem to always point to change the wireless channel but no one confirms it fixes the issue....
Did they fix your issues?
Browsing they seem to always point to change the wireless channel but no one confirms it fixes the issue....

FWIW, I had been having issues for almost 3 months with my Sonos system. Literally all of a sudden one day, I could not play Spotify music to my Sonos system. I could play local music and/or Amazon and Pandora just fine. I tried removing the Spotify music service, only to get repeated errors when trying to add it back. I spent countless hours troubleshooting on the phone between Sonos and Cisco (my wireless access point), and never got anywhere. One day while organizing my basement, I came across my Sonos Boost. I used to use this in an old apartment when I had a very crappy wireless access point. Anyway, on a whim I plugged it in, and Spotify + Sonos worked perfectly. Almost as soon as I unplugged the Boost to test, Spotify kept giving me errors again.

In my case, I think a weak signal somewhere within my Sonos network was to blame, and the Boost completely solved it.
I was ready to order two Boosts, but decided to test it on the ipad and it just works.. no errors.. they absolutely did something during the latest Windows Desktop app upgrade that broke something or made it more fragile..because it worked first try on the ipad app.. I keep trying on the Windows desktop controller and it still doesn't work.
How close is the desktop to the rest of the devices? Still might be a signal issue from the desktop. All I can say is, I had a VERY similar problem, and setting my Boost back up solved it instantly.

How many speakers do you have? What if you moved them all closer to the desktop and tried again?
Ok wait! its started happing again on the Ipad now! :@
Back to square one !!
Ill purchase the boost and reply once installed!
I want to get to the end of this...
Alternatively like I said, test with the devices on the network. Unplug all your speakers, move one near your access point and power it on and connect it to WiFi. Try your iPad when you're close by, then try it by moving as far away as you can.