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  • 2 March 2018
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Has anyone else noticed that when searching via Spotify the results now are all over the place, in fact next to useless now?

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7 replies

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Hi Tim, welcome to the community. On what device are you using the Sonos app on?
Yes, I've noticed. The search is now useless. If I search on an artist and choose the artist, every Spotify playlist the artist is on comes up as well as every album, but in what appears to be no particular order. Anyone got a solution ?
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I've noticed this also. My workaround is to use the Sonos app only to group and adjust relative volumes. I then use the Spotify app to search and play via Spotify Connect. Not the best solution, but that's what I do...
I have this issue as well. It's really annoying. I'm going to cancel Spotify and switch to another service if it continues.
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This is a recent development, seen in both the Sonos desktop app and the iOS mobile app. Previously, Spotify search results were pretty much sorted by artist albums, artist singles, then appearances on compilations. Now it looks like it's just listed in reverse chronological order, which buries the artist's actual output in a sea of compilations. It's a pretty horrible way to do it. Spotify's iOS app and web interface both categorize results, though not in a list form like Sonos results, so the problem might be with what Sonos is doing with the results Spotify hands it.
Thank you Eric for the reply. Hopefully they will get it sorted. Think I'll change services for a while though.
I also noticed the problem on the Android controller and the OSX controller. It makes searching via Sonos useless. I really hope they fix this soon.