Spotify Requires Premium Service To Control Sonos With Android App

  • 1 February 2017
  • 3 replies

I added Spotify service through 7.1 software. Can control Spotify through Sonos app, but when I use Spotify app, it shows my Sonos system under devices but message says premium service required to switch to it. Not worth that.

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3 replies

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Do you use the same account in both, the Spotify and the Sonos app? As you have been able to add your account to your Sonos system, you should have a premium account and it should be possible to use Spotify Connect.
As stated by a Sonos rep each music service determines their own requirements for use on Sonos. Sonos has no say in the decision, and makes no money from these requirements:

This question comes up from time to time, and I'm not exactly sure why, but again I'll confirm that
Sonos doesn't get any kickbacks, percentages, or any sort of monetary incentives from our music service partners
when it comes to using or adding them to Sonos.

We're always happy to partner with new music services and explore making them available on Sonos. We have a free
API available to use for anyone, and a team dedicated to support them even, again, for free. Some features aren't
available or aren't exactly the same because they aren't part of our API, but we're constantly trying to improve
that as well.

Also, music services determine what account types they will make available on Sonos. This is usually based on a
lot of factors that they consider.

So your complaint about requiring a Premium subscription for use on Sonos is best directed at Spotify.
Thanks for the replies. I wasn't complaining just reporting as I was supposed to do. I see no value added in controlling Sonos from the Spotify app when Spotify can be used in the Sonos app. Seems redundant and who would want to? And yes, I use the same account for both. I never suggested Sonos profited from the arrangement with ANYONE except we purchasers. My advice to Sonos developers is to focus on something useful.