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  • 18 June 2018
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I’ve got a couple of questions regarding a standard Spotify premium account and multiple Sonos Ones throughout house (I only have one One right now so unable to test myself).

First question, is it possible to have one Spotify playlist or album playing through the One in the kitchen, whilst simultaneously having a different album/playlist from Spotify playing in a different room?

Second question, I originally set up the One and Spotify on my phone. If I leave the house and take the phone with me, can someone back at home still access Spotify on the One whilst I’m away? Or does my phone need to be on the network for Spotify to work?

Third question, if Spotify can be accessed at home whilst I’m out - can I also use Spotify on my phone at the same time it’s being used back at home?

Apologies if these have been asked before - I couldn’t find anything in relation to these when searching.

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4 replies

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1 - yes works, Spotify still sees this as one instance
2 - yes works also, anybody who is on your wifi and has the Sonos app installed can use your Spotify in the Sonos app
3 - no, does not work, Spotify will see this as two instances. When you run Spotify on your phone, Sonos will stop and vice versa. I have Spotify Family for that reason, you can run multiple instances (up to 5 I believe).
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Since we have the family plan and only 4 of us have it on our phone … the 5th user is a dummy account for Sonos only to use. Therefore, we never interrupt Sonos playing if want to use on our phone.
Awesome, thanks for answering the questions! 😃
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Me too Chris, works great 'for a few dollars more'.