Spotify podcasts not appearing

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Is there anyway to get spotify podcasts on sonos? I follow them in spotify and they are in my library on my spotify app but I can not find them on sonos. Thanks for the help.

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Please give Sonos the ability to play all Spotify Podcasts. Once you removed the ability to play content saved on this phone, you also removed the ability to play my favorite podcasts. I refuse to buy another component, Sonos with Airplay 2 to play this content. 

Future enhancement criteria: can a Sonos customer execute the same end function without buying new equipment?  If the answer is no, it’s NOT an enhancement!!


For reference I’m trying to play DJ Grind - Daily Grind thru my Play 1s; Play 3s, Plays 5s and Playbase.  I own multiples of each. 

Ditto the above, Sonos should be able to play anything from Spotify that my subscription entitles me to. Restricting that is an infringement of my rights, and of freedom of speech...

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@Tbates Hi there, I’ll send along a feature request to the team to add Spotify Podcasts to the Sonos implementation. I’d also recommend reaching out to Spotify as they’re also responsible for creating the Spotify integration on Sonos. For now, you can use the Spotify app to play the podcasts, and to control your Sonos speakers. This page goes into more detail on using the Spotify app to control your Sonos speakers.

Oh man I’ve had it with Sonos. I’m gonna have to ditch it and just get another dumb speaker. Sonos whole approach to things reminds me of the DRM days of yore. Making things difficult just encourages us to leave. 
I can happily stream ANYTHING! to my stupid UE speaker and it sounds just as good. Here we come EBay... 

Losing faith in the brand with this and BBC related issues. Invested in multiple play ones throughout the house - no airplay for me :( and now this. This thread started THREE YEARS ago and still no resolution. 

Replace all my play ones with Sonos 1’s and use airplay does not look like the best option for me right now...


It’s unfortunate that the BBC doesn’t want to make things right for Sonos users, I too have lost faith in them. I feel badly for Sonos, though. Kind of surprised they haven’t just dropped the BBC completely, due to this issue. 

It's clear that the issue lies with licensing. I'm not sure why people are having a go at Sonos here?

Thanks to those who have suggested going with the 'airplay' method via the Spotify app, will give this a try at some point.

I listen to a lot of Podcasts and am terribly disappointed that this is not available on Sonos, please add it.

I second that 11 months later, still no support for Podcasts from Spotify.

Have you contacted Spotify? They’re the ones that control what shows up in the Sonos ecosystem. 

Have you contacted Spotify? They’re the ones that control what shows up in the Sonos ecosystem. 

No, I didn’t think about it but I’m going to do it.

I thought this was meant to make things easier. 

After thinking about how I can use my Sonos speakers more I figured I could use them to listen to podcasts. I use the podcast app on my iPhone. I read about the AirPlay first, great! But, because none of my speakers are accessible with this feature I went back to the forums. 
I’ve got Spotify, finally I thought, I’ve figured it out, I would just use Spotify for listening to podcasts, easy! After finding my podcasts on Spotify I started listening through my playbar, solved. Except after loading the next podcast, it wouldn’t play. Strange, I thought. Thanks to this forum, I understand why, although it’s so frustrating. I can listen on my phone just fine, theoretically what’s the difference?

Finally I might have got some luck with the TuneIn app on Sonos, all my podcasts seem to work on it through the Sonos. New problem is that it’s a subscription service. So if I want to use it as my new podcast app I would have to pay. After downloading the free version it doesn’t seem to allow me to throw it to Sonos and I’m not sure (nor want to find out), If paying for it will help.

Don't get me wrong, I love Sonos and somewhat understand why this is happening however I have to come back to my original comment, for such an expensive brilliant product, surely it’s meant to make things easier? Fortunately the playbar will allow the tv sound to be linked to the speakers which makes it much more value for money. 


This functionality needs to be bumped up in priority. A couple of my favorite podcasts have gone Spotify exclusive. That means now there’s no way from me to listen to them on Sonos at all. 

Sonos, how has this not been fixed yet as most people stream podcasts through Spotify or Apple? Streaming via Airplay is incredibly unstable as you well know, which is why you can only, and consistently, play through the Sonos App. 


Please fix the api to show Sonos Podcasts.

you can send Spotify Podcasts to Sonos speakers using the Spotify app on a phone/tablet/pc (start the podcast as normal, click 'devices available' and choose your Sonos speaker/group). You just cant find them in the Sonos app.

Happy listening !

The reason I invested in the Sonos system was to have an integrated, single interface to my audio entertainment, that is what Sonos is selling.   Its unfortunate, and will influence future investment, when a significant audio source is ignored.   

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It sure would be nice to be able to access Spotify Podcasts thru the Sonos app.  Half the time, Spotify Connect doesn’t see my Sonos speakers, very frustrating.

Can someone from Sonos please confirm that this has been requested to the product roadmap? It’s quite frustrating to have content limitations from the world’s leading streaming service. 

Will it be fixed or do you recommend evryone to manage Sonos speakers through the Spotify app directly?

Unfortunately Sonos has no ability to add additional content to the Spotify stream, that is purely up to Spotify. The only thing Sonos does is point to a server that has been provided by Spotify, and show the information Spotify has provided on that server. 

You’d be much better off asking Spotify to add the content to the available stream. While Sonos can suggest it as well, there is no financial relationship between the two companies. I’d think that Spotify would be more interested in listening to comments from paying customers.