spotify playlists on Sonos

  • 28 July 2019
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(1) My Sonos speaker is MODEL PLAY 3 so it does not let me airplay my Spotify playlists direct from my SPOTIFY App.

(2) therefore as directed by Sonos - I play my SPOTIFY playlists directly from my Sonos app.

(3) in SPOTIFY - My Spotify playlists are SORTED in A to Z FILE.

However, Sonos does not give me this option. Instead, Sonos forces my A-Z playlist into a random sort list order so - basically the order of the playlist titles are all over the place.

(4) HOW do I make my Sonos app sort my SPOTIFY playlists into an A to Z order?

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3 replies

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You don't need Airplay from the Spotify app, Spotify uses direct control which works on all Sonos devices.
"Devices available" at the bottom of your Spotify app should show you your Sonos device(s).
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The Sonos app never sorts anything, because it usually cannot (see many threads elsewhere for why). Spotify decide exactly how to deliver lists of items to the Sonos app, and for reasons much discussed but never resolved, they made some unpopular decisions on some of those lists, including playlists. If you don't like this you can yell at Spotify (get in line first), or use the Spotify app itself per Damon77's reply above.
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controlav is correct, Sonos shows the playlists in the same order as does, I think it's in order of adding.