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Please just make a way to sort Spotify playlist by recently added etc

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lukelivz wrote:

Please just make a way to sort Spotify playlist by recently added etc

Hi lukelivz,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the suggestion. I'll send in a feature request to allow sorting of Spotify playlists in the Sonos app.
Sonos - this isn't a "request" this is CRUCIAL!!! For non-passive listeners.... basically the music junkies you're trying to attract... we all constantly update our own custom playlists or follow people who update their playlists regularly.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me sort my Spotify playlist by recently added. It'd make me v happy :)
Sonos: Reinforcing what has been brought to your attention; the sync between Sonos and Spotify and ease with accessing Spotify playlists IS CURRENTLY LACKING= a huGE void in the Sonos feature. I invested $ in your audio system, 4 components to date, expecting your high end, state of the art speakers and app to mesh with today's most popular music listening services that serve millions! I've been with you since your first beta phase; hoping you will again appreciate and recognize feedback received from your consumers.
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This again. Sigh. Sonos NEVER SORT LISTS because they cannot (see the other threads for the many reasons, such as not actually knowing when a playlist was updated). If you want a music service to present a list in a particular sorted order, you need to ask that music service (Spotify in this case).

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