Spotify playback issues 701 problem

  • 6 December 2017
  • 7 replies

Can't play Spotify list message wrong701? Did an updating and now I can not play Spotify

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7 replies

Same issie here. Although I updated a week ago the latest patch. Today no playlist from Spotify is working. Everything else is working fine. Tried to reinitialize my spotify account. No effect.
I'd bet it has something to do with this:
If i choose a song from a playlist and choose "play now" it works perfectly. It seems this issue onlyresides with the function of adding songs to the play queue. It can apparently only contain 1 song. Fix please Sonos.
Airgeylam. I wouldn't hold my breath on that bet 🆒
Merely providing information for those who may not have checked in announcements. It's entirely up to you to consider whether it has any impact on your experience. I would not know, for sure.
This one can also be interesting for those with android device issues:
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Sounds like you guys might be running into one of those two outages right now.

The error 701 isn't specific to one of them, so we might have several things that people are seeing here. For that error, do you only see it when trying to play from Your Library > Songs? Do you have a lot of songs in that listing?

First off, right now that first outage is making systems unable to search for tracks and browse playlists within the Sonos app for Spotify. So if you're having that problem, please follow this thread.

Then, there's the older outage which was resolved, but the second thing in that thread is for Spotify Connect, which is unable to control Sonos players through the Spotify app on an Android device. It's not all systems running into this, but the cause has been identified and a resolution under way. So if you are having that issue, please follow this thread for news.

Finally, if you aren't having either of these issues, can you please submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and post your confirmation number here with details on what you're experiencing? We'd love to investigate it with you.