Spotify organisation.

  • 29 June 2016
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Let me preface this by saying I think that overall the integration level with Spotify has been headed in the right direction along with continual improvements to the app as a whole.

There's a couple of things that irk me though, my hope is that they're in the roadmap.

1. Sorting! I have a lot of albums in Spotify and having them organised by recently added is the primary way I browse them. This would be such a huge win. Of course I'm guessing that alphabetically might be the way the API serves them up.

2. Artist organisation. Whenever I go into an artist on Spotify I get a nice chronological view that's broken down by Latest Release, Popular, Albums, Singles and Appears on. Top tracks in the current setup on Sonos is helpful but not being able to tell singles from albums can be a bit frustrating.

Anything beyond that is just gravy for me at this point.

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3 replies

Hi there - i am afraad i must share really bad experiences with the integrstikn of spotify into sonos. In most of the cases it doesnt work and i get all kinds of errors. 1102. 1002 etc.
How difficult can it be to have this developed well for end users? It is a shame for the name Sonos have to deliver such a bad quality of service
It should not be a matter of resetting equipment, reconfiguring firewalls or so - it is simply a bad design. Many others apps and services do work well, e.g. Spotify itself stand alone always works
I am considering to make a stronger statement then this as it continues to be happening with so many users.
As stated in numerous threads, you should be sending a diagnostic and posting the reference number here in the proper thread. That will do far more to help solve the few instances of this problem left than any "stronger statement" you think you may be making. So be part of the solution and send a diagnostic.