Spotify Missing Playlist Folder Disaster

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I want to add my voice to the large, growing number of disappointed Sonos users who lost all of their playlist folders with this new update. Based on how I listen to and search through my music, this sudden lack of functionality has rendered my Sonos eperience totally useless. I was planning to outfit my entire home with Sonos speakers, but now with this neglectful update, which has made listening to my spotify collection impossible, I won't continue to be a user if this playlist folder issue is not addressed and amended. Given all the growing dissatisfaction I have seen in the past 24 hrs, is it safe to assume that Sonos will receive the necessary API from Spotify to avoid losing many of its current and future users?

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This is clearly a hot bottom for majority of heavy users of Spotify with Sonos. I get that API doesn't contain a folder element. However, it's been several years since this happened. Sonos can stop blaming Spotify as it could have used it's own transformation to create a folder structure by now for the Spotify interface. Sonos is likely being lazy and expecting Spotify to do their dirty work of improving their own customer experience.
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+1 on this old issue. Add it to the things that don't work list... ?