Spotify Free on Sonos

  • 14 December 2013
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Spotify, I recently had an email that stated that Spotify is now free to my mobile apps, and sure enough Spotify works on my Ipad. If I connect my Ipad to the Line in of my Play5 I can now play any track from Spotify, around my network. So why can I not configure Spotify on my Sonos without having to have a Premium Account now?. Is this something that is likely to be available soon? Thanks

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9 replies

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled spotify free. now spotify free runs on mobile. why dont it work with sonos?
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We're happy to hear that Spotify is now free to use on mobile devices. Sonos and other Spotify hardware partners connect through Premium accounts as described here on their FAQ. They have already received the request to get Sonos available for free accounts. You can find that request here so please add a +1 to show your support.

I'm turning this thread into an Idea here for you and we'll update this page if we have any news or updates for you.

I'd like to search and listen to music from Spotify without having to sign up for a premium account. Either added as a source to the Sonos app or allow my PC to connect directly to the Play:5 wirelessly and play any sound from my PC without the Sonos controller. Would this be possible?
I recently got a Sonos Play 3 over Christmas because I thought that my Spotify free account would work since it works on my mobile device.  How come Sonos still requires me to have a premium account?
Please add the free Spotify option to Sonos
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Sonos sitting on their hands over Spotify. Does Sonos listen to its customers regarding streaming Spotify Free to Sonos. This has been a problem for years and it is a big disincentive to buying Sonos when you can get a blue tooth connection to other speakers for a fraction of the cost.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Spotify and Rdio.. I still don ́t understand why services like Spotify and Rdio need a premium account! I don't use my play 1 because of the lack of music (Which was supposed to be huge!). I was and i am really disappointed with this. I can ́t use pandora because i do not live inside the U.S. Is there any intention to offer support for free accounts? Thanks you and sorry about my english.
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Again - you would have to request that of Spotify.