Spotify folders gone in iOS v5.4 and v5.5

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Hi, I get the frustration. Good news is Sonos will be supporting Spotify Connect pretty soon (currently in Beta, I think). So soon you won't be limited to the Sonos control app and can use this feature.
Excellent!! This is definitely the way to go.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I noticed Spotify states in their news: "This free software update will be available in October as part of the Sonos public beta program".

I've obviously registered my system to join the beta program, also set it to auto check for updates.

But, I must admit its not clear how the beta program works. Will it just prompt me for update when the public beta releases? Or do I need to do something else?

Thanks and regards.
IIRC your controller app will prompt you to download. Should mention if you are using iOS controllers they aren't part of the betas, check past threads to see what I mean.
Thanks. All's fine. I'm using Android. The wife uses iOS :-)
Can't wait.
Some additional discussion of the beta here
Thanks again.

Looks its by invite only. Bummer. Will be willing to participate, but for now I'll wait it out for a short while (always the optimist).

Unless you know of a way to get invited? But don't sweat it.

Yeah I thought it was to be an open Beta (got the same email as you). No way that I know of to get invited.
That email is a prelude to the public beta. It was explained in another thread that Sonos wants as many beta testers as possible for the coming release, hence the email promotion. Rest assured the beta will be public, despite the other assumptions in this thread.
Thanks for the feedback.

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