Spotify: Browsing through genres not possible anymore

  • 14 November 2019
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How can you possibly think taking away the ability to browse all genres is a positive use experience?

Huge user experience flaw

This is still a responsibility of Spotify, all Sonos does is display what the Spotify service hands them. I don’t think Spotify maintains an official presence on Sonos’ boards, you may want to send them a note directly. 


Solution is to use the Spotify app & port it to the Sonos player

The sound isn’t the same, but it gets the music playlists you want.

Sonos, please work with Spotify to make this change back to get Genres on the Sonos app.

I totally agree with all that is written above. The solution for me at the moment is to use the iOS app SonoPhone instead - hoping, that Sonos will fix this soon.


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Interesting, I tried my Windows apps and sure enough the old Genre behavior is shown, as it is in SonoPad. However the official Sonos app shows a completely different experience for Spotify, so I did some digging.

Spotify are detecting the version of the Sonos app and showing the new stuff, which people on this thread hate. However 3rd party apps (like mine and SonoPad which behave like “old” Sonos apps) get the older, preferred experience.

TL;DR this is a deliberate change by Spotify and if you don’t like it, use a 3rd party app and/or complain to Spotify.