Spotify - available Sonos devices problem.

  • 27 December 2016
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On my Sonos I subscribe to Apple Music and also have Spotify Premium on trial mainly to test the new connect to Sonos facility. I do all my music listening via a Sonos Connect which is connected to my lounge Hi-Fi system. Although I have a Playbar and sub, I don't use these for music listening.
Now to the problem! When I launch the Spotify app on my iPad (not via Sonos), I see at the bottom "Devices Available". When I tap this I always see in the list of devices my TV Playbar, below which it says Spotify Connect. But I don't want to play music on the Playbar. If I then tap the three dots to the right I see at the bottom of the screen TV Playbar and below this "Group Room". Tap on the latter and the iPad switches to Sonos and I then see "Group Room" and the three Sonos devices I currently have i my home. TV Playbar is always pre-selected for some reason and I have to select my Lounge Sonos Connect device to then be able to play music through this. Switching back to the Spotify app, at the bottom I now see my Sonos Lounge Connect as the device available to play music.
The annoying thing is that this happens every time as I select the Spotify app as it seems to default to TV Playbar as the available device for some reason and I then have to go through the above procedure just to get music playing via my lounge Sonos Connect.
It's so much hassle that I now just use the Sonos app directly and have given up using the Spotify app to connect to my desired Sonos device.
Anyone know why this is happening and more importantly anything I can do about it because after the trial period, if I can't resolve the problem I'm giving up on Spotify.

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