Spotify artist album lineup change

  • 24 February 2018
  • 5 replies

I am very frustrated with the new layout I have on my sonos for Spotify. I use the search by artist all the time to play full albums. I am now finding that the layout has changed to not list the artist albums first and then compilation albums. It seems to now list them by album release date so then compilation albums have taken over the top spots and I have to search and scroll for the real music I am looking for. Please is there a way to make this not be the case?

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5 replies

I’m in 100% agreement here. This change is terrible. It makes it extremely cumbersome to find the album you’re after. This should at least be a personal setting that can be toggled. (Or, just revert back to the good ol’ days! :D)
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I totally agree. I thought something was wrong and that’s how I ended up here. Now when trying to search for artist albums I’m given an endless list of compilation albums, why is this? It never used to do this, it used to show me exactly what I was searching for, i.e the artists albums.
Completely agree, it does make it frustrating when searching by artist that you get loads of compilation albums first on a spotify search.
The strange thing is, if you search the same artist using just the spotify app, not through sonos, you don't get the compilation albums.
My 10 year old loves her sonos but is really struggling to find what she wants now.
Same here!

Today I searched for Jamiroquai on the Sonos app (bot desktop and mobile), and instead of listing his own albums nice and tidy, you get a massive dump of all compilation albums that have a track of Jamiroquai, and somewhere in between you'll find his own albums. It's not sorted chrolonogically or on alphabet or anything.

This seems like a mistake. I cannot imagine that anyone would like it to have it like this.

I think we need an updated, Captain!
This has to be the worst decision ever! Whoever does the UX at sonos should be fired. Do you guys even user test your UX changes?!?!