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When I search for a song/artist/album, the app (ios) will give me a few results from my music library, then a few results from soundcloud, then a few results from spotify. I'd like to change this order, so it shows me spotify results first, as I use that most. Is there a way to sort the order of music services?

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This would be really helpful along with the ability to reorder the My Sonos screen as well.
I also support this request. I almost always want Spotify search results first, and since I have six Music Accounts added to Sonos it always shows last, which takes time every search I make. My only workaround is to remove the other accounts, which is not ideal, plus I don't use 'Radio by Tunein'. FEATURE REQUEST: allow us to weight the Music Accounts so that I can prioritize Spotify search results first please.
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Hi folks,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll send in a feature request to make it so you can rearrange the order of services in the search results page.
+1 for having the ability to reorder the music services.
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The order is alphabetic. Try setting a Nickname on your music service accounts to change the alpha order. Or use the PC/Mac app which doesn't have the annoying "universal search" in the first place.
To be able to scroll through all the stations rather than having to click 'view all' would be useful.
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Any progress on this? If i get rid of all my services and add TIDAL last will that be on the top ??
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Posting to bring this to the top again. I would love this feature as well.
Bumping this suggestion. +1
Bump for me, too!
Bump. Added Amazon music and now it’s on top ... above the services I actually use ... which are already in a bad order.


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