sorting music of selected artist in apple music

  • 27 July 2022
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Hey Sonos users!  I am writing for the first time and with some fear whether it is a lack of functionality or my inability, but choosing a new artist in apple music that I do not know, it is difficult for me to choose the album that I could choose.  the chronology of the release of the records would be helpful.  what do you think about my problem?


Greg (a satisfied user of a 12-element sonos system)


5 replies

There’s two aspects of this. First, Sonos would need to support it in their API. I’ll admit to not knowing whether they do or not, but you could probably research it on the Sonos partners page.

Second, Apple would need to provide that data to Sonos.

But at the end of the day, when doing a search, all Sonos does is represent what the service provides to them. Sonos does not sort the data in any way, so any sorting by date would ultimately need to be done by Apple, and the results sent in that sorted format to Sonos, who would then display exactly what they were presented by the Apple servers. 


Thanks. Maybe it's an oversight on the part of Apple or Sonos because YouTube Music by Sonos sorts correctly.

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  1. Music metadata in SMAPI does not include anything like release date
  2. Sonos never sort third party music data (for many reasons).

I am attaching a screens from Apple music and YouTube Music. Why they are different if the Sampi is the same?




Because they sort the data before presenting it to Sonos?