Sonos won't connect to Spotify

  • 22 May 2019
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I've been using Spotify Premium with our Sonos system fairly successfully for a few years now, until today. All of a sudden Spotify refuses to work through Sonos and even the Spotify app can no longer see our Sonos system.

Running a iPhone XS with iOS 12.3, Sonos app version 10.2 and I've just updated our router firmware.

Have tried several reboots of my phone, Sonos, and the router no no avail. I've also logged out of Spotify in Sonos and now when I try to add music services it says "no selections are available", despite the fact I'm listening to Apple Music, as a last resort.

Diagnostic sent. 156 858 5985


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5 replies

I am in the exact same situation.

This just started today.

Can’t add anything.

Tried resetting, rebooting, deleting and re installing apps. Nothing works.

iOS or PC
A similar issue has been happening to me. It takes multiple attempts to connect with a speaker through the Spotify app (if they show up at all) then the connection will drop mid song. The song might still be playing but the connection is lost and I cannot control the music through the Spotify app.

This started a few days ago.
I have same issue. Playback via spotify app used to work flawlessly but barely functions after the 10.2 upgrade. Initially Sonos speakers didn't appear at all after upgrade. Now they appear but frequently the spotify app cannot connect to them or loses connection mid song and you can no longer control playback.

I've switched back to using Sonos app which works fine but I preferred using native spotify app.
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Hi all -

Check out my most recent post about Spotify playback issues here. Also note that this topic is about Spotify and Sonos not working in either the Spotify or Sonos app. Let's try to keep to the same topic.

If you are having troubles with Direct Control, I would recommend giving our support technicians a call to address this directly. At various times between the middle of April to the middle May we had a few outages regarding Direct Control and general Spotify playback on Sonos. The technicians will be able to have a closer look and compare to the previous outages and ensure everything is working as expected.

@Shteevo -

Thanks for the diagnostic report! It seems that all of your Sonos speakers are dealing with a bit of interference. Is it possible to plug any of the Sonos speakers into the network via Ethernet cable? This will help determine if player-to-player (wired) communication works better for your system rather than having Sonos bounce around the wireless channels trying to avoid other signals. for more information, check out this helpful article.

Wow creating an account and signing in was painful on my mobile phone lol


Anyway, just got 2 sonos as a gift. They cannot connect to spotify. No error shown, it just spins and then goes back to the samw page. 


Without spotify, I don't need these speakers. 


How do you fix this?