Sonos with Idagio issues

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Idagio streaming service has recently become available in Canada so I signed up for an account and added it to my Sonos setup. Couple of issues:
1. In the Idagio app on my pc I've saved around 150 albums to My Collection. Sonos will only show around 50, and to be able to listen to an older save, I have to run the Idagio app on my computer, delete the album from my collection and then add it back, after which it appears in the Sonos app. This is a little inconvenient.
2. The other issue is, in the Sonos app, I can't search in Idagio. On the PC, if I click in the search box at the top right, I can select Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music, but not Idagio - how come?
I have read this: which helped with browsing, but not searching.

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