Sonos through Spotify ios app 'Can't play right now'

  • 12 December 2016
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I recently connected Sonos to the Spotify app. It was working fine, streaming via the Spotify app. Now when I go to 'devices' to choose Sonos as my device it just says 'CAN'T PLAY THIS RIGHT NOW'

I've reconnected my spotify account and sonos account but still getting nowhere. Help please!!

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70 replies

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Hi everyone, we've been a bit slow replying so I'm just going to respond to everyone who's posted recently in one go:

I get "can't play right now" message when trying to play songs that I've imported from iTunes. Those songs & playlists play ok on my iMac, iPad, & iPhone, using Spotify, but they won't connect with my sonos speaker. All other music using Spotify plays ok on the sonos speaker.
What's do I need to do?

Hi mxsonos, this is just a limitation with how the Spotify cloud handles requests from the Sonos cloud. Unfortunately what you have to do is just re-create the playlist entirely in the Spotify app, and the tracks will be accessible.

This is happening to me too. I've tried unplugging the Sonos for a couple minutes but it still shows "Can't play this right now" (see attached screenshot).
Diagnostic confirmation number is 7574415.

It looks like you're on a different wireless network than the Sonos is on. Otherwise there's not too much wrong that I can see there. Restart the router and then join the 'Wee Britain' SSId and try again.

Here is my report number. 7574509. Just can’t get anything to stream. Have tried multiple resets and my Music Library streams with no problem.
You seem to have two DHCP servers active on the network. There is a device on which should be configured, and then the Sonos players all restarted at the power.

I'm in the same (unfortunate) boat. Diagnostic number 7613025. Thank you.
You have a channel mismatch going on between the BRIDGE and the rest of the system. Can you go into the Settings > Advanced Settings > SonosNet Channel menu and set the system to channel 6, and then to channel 11 after that? There may also be a setting on the router or a network configuration blocking the mDNS lookup we use to discover available players. Can you tell us the make and model of your router, and any other network hardware there such as switches, powerline adapters, extenders, wireless access points?
same issue - just started to have this issue in spotify, when it's worked fine for months.
Diag no 8294198
I'm getting the same problem, since a few days ago. Diagnostic No. 1256177739
Same thing happens to me.
Yup. Lame lame lame. FIX THIS SONOS/SPOTIFY!
Same Here, iOS. Can't get it to work.
Yep same just started, Android Nexus 6. Everything was working great, love the new connectivity...When it worked. Thanks for finding a quick fix.
Same problem here. Worked really well until a couple of days ago. Now it just says "Can't play right now" (or more correctly "Kan inte spela detta just nu" as I have the Swedish language settings)
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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay. If your Sonos is still, experiencing problems please submit a diagnostic and reply with the confirmation number. Here's an article explaining how: How to Submit Diagnostic
Same issue for me, it never worked. Diagnostic confirmation number 6946623
Same issue here. I can listen to TV on all sonos speakers but can't connect to Spotify. Please help.
Diagnostics: 6948836
Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay. If your Sonos is still, experiencing problems please submit a diagnostic and reply with the confirmation number. Here's an article explaining how: How to Submit Diagnostic

Same issue on my end as well, just began today: my diagnostic # is 6958150
Sonos speakers show in devices menu but when selected they fail to connect. This worked well until a week or so ago. I have changed nothing at my end!
Ok I have submitted a diagnostic report number 6958731.
I think I also have this problem - on one of my Play:1s I can play Spotify through Sonos app but not from Spotify Connect via Spotify app (diagnostic 6961040). Spotify Connect can't seem to find the Room. Have tried both Spotify Android app and Spotify on OSX desktop - same. Reloading the apps / power cycling the Play:1 does not seem to help.

[In OSX Spotify sees the Play:1 as an available device but times out when I try to connect. If I hover the cursor over the 'Connecting..' status message it says 'Spotify is not active on this device']

Oddly it appears to work fine on two other Play:1s and a Play:5 stereo pair that I have.
So yesterday evening it started working again (playing via the Spotify iOS app) and I figured whatever bug it was had been resolved. Unfortunately this morning it's giving me the same error message. Any word from Sonos team yet on what's happening?

ETA: I should mention that I cannot play Spotify via the sonos app either. See my diagnostic # up thread.

So in the end I performed a factory reset on the offending Play:1 and then added it back. I can now control playback to this device through the Spotify App.
In case it is relevant. We had a brief power cut yesterday. After which when I tried to play Sonos via the Spotify App - it worked! So maybe the answer is switch everything off and on again! 🙂 Or perhaps just coincidence.
I just encountered the same issue today. Diagnostic # 7022312
me too - 7051888
This is total bummer. Same issue. I bought these things because I expected them to work. Diag code: 7057504
Same, was working perfectly and then today, nothing.

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Hi folks,

If you're still getting the can't play right now error with Spotify, please submit a fresh diagnostic report, reply with the number and I'll take a look for you.
Thanks Jeff.