Sonos through Spotify ios app 'Can't play right now'

  • 12 December 2016
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I recently connected Sonos to the Spotify app. It was working fine, streaming via the Spotify app. Now when I go to 'devices' to choose Sonos as my device it just says 'CAN'T PLAY THIS RIGHT NOW'

I've reconnected my spotify account and sonos account but still getting nowhere. Help please!!

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70 replies

Thanks for updating, benfinone. Please submit another diagnostic report and I'll be happy to take another look. Be sure to reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end. Much appreciated.
Thanks for responding Keith N. The new diagnostic is 8111352
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No problem, benfinone. Thanks for the diagnostic report. The biggest thing I can see in the diagnostic report is that the PLAYBAR is having a hard time maintaining a connection to the network. I think it may be a good idea to have a technician look a little closer at your network in real time. This way, we can create a remote session to troubleshoot while sharing a computer. Our contact information can be found here. Thanks again!
Hi. Same Problem. Diagnostic # 8124573
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Hi there, drewmccartor. Thanks for the diagnostic report. The report shows about 4 minutes of uptime since the last system reboot, without any errors. Please test out the audio and replicate the errors, then I can take a look at the errors causing this. Thanks.
same problem with my spotify app... my # 8129899
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mijmusic: Thanks for the diagnostic report. I noticed that your BRIDGE is plugged into the network along with your CONNECT in the Living Room. Is this on purpose? How is your local network set up? Do you have a switch?

Thanks in advance.
bride is plugged into modem/router. connect is not wired to router. my amp is an internet enabled device. I have the connect plugged into the amp. not sure what a switch is, so I assume I don't have one. the problem with the spotify app seems very intermittent. would be nice to know what causes it to lose the connection.
Same issue 😞 Diagnostic number 8140038
I get that error message while trying to play Spotify through the sonos app. I also experienced stoppage while playing through Spotify connect. Ticket #8141709
Same problem. Diagnostic 8164790
Has been working fine, today, nada. Works through Sonos app, not through spotify. Reset speakers and router. Also reactivated spotify through Sonos. Still nothing. Diag 8177026
fyi, I had the “Can’t play this right now” error when trying to play Spotify on Sonos from an iOS device and was able to resolve by: rebooting router, restarting all iOS devices, powering down bridge and speakers, restarting Echo Dot, restarting all apps. After that I still had the same error, but then asked Alexa to play an artist. Alexa connected the speakers to Spotify, played the artist from Spotify. After that I was able to select the speakers in the usual way from the iOS device manually and no longer get the error.
same issue - just started to have this issue in spotify, when it's worked fine for months.
Diag no 8294198
Same problem here. Very frustrating. Diagnostics #: 8340610.
Same problem here: 8373831
Same problem. Getting "Can't play this right now" message from my spotify app on my ubuntu 16.04. 8376365
Same problem - just started out of nowhere. Funnily enough everything works on my partner's iphone, but mine just won't play Sonos through the Spotify iOS app (keep getting 'can't play this right now'. 1915924507
I'm getting the same problem, since a few days ago. Diagnostic No. 1256177739
[quote=User476650]I'm getting the same problem, since a few days ago. Diagnostic No.1396619360