Sonos support for Hi Res Audio

Has anyone heard plans for Sonos to support higher resolution audio formats? Am looking at systems for a house I am setting up and want a WiFi-based solution. I have begun reading about companies like BlueSound but, so far, I have not found anyone who offers a complete turnkey solution like Sonos. There are advantages to have a mix of components, e.g., Dynaudio Xeo4, but they don't support a Sub. The industry looks to be still grappling with ad hoc/non-standard solutions so Sonos wins on totality with the (current) trade-off on the high end file formats. Thoughts/inputs appreciated...

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The air ionisation thing isn't an invention; it was, believe it or not, on sale at the Munich HiFi show a couple of years ago, touted to obtain better sound from speakers. I thought using that for improving wireless signal quality is less of a stretch!
For pure audio, Sonos can - objectively assessed - be as good as the best audio systems out there even if one has to resort to Connect to do so where extreme power/room size conditions are present.

Huh? I must have missed you coming up with objective evidence for this.... Link, please?

You're surely not claiming that the only reason that a medium or high end system sounds good is because it's fed with a non bit perfect Connect, are you?
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Has anyone else noticed that current SONOS firmware now supports playback of 24-bit, up to 48 kHz?
Has anyone else noticed that current SONOS firmware now supports playback of 24-bit, up to 48 kHz?
As demonstrated here the samples are truncated at 16-bits, presumably without dither.
...presumably without dither.
Demonstrably without dither.

As I think I mentioned elsewhere, I see no reason why Sonos couldn't now simply pass 24 bit files without truncation. It would be easier than truncating and dithering, and more accurate than just truncating.